736 Im Not Blind

    Chapter 736: I'm Not Blind

    At the reception...

    The guests had to present their invitations before they were allowed inside.

    It was an event filled with famous celebrities, and at least half of the entertainment industry bigshots were in attendance. The event was even more glamorous and lavish than an award ceremony.

    Lin Shuya was wearing an exquisite gown made by an expensive brand.

    The brand was named 'Fairies', and Lin Shuya's exquisite white gown was the most beautiful design of its latest collection titled 'Angel'.

    Lin Yan couldn't bring along another person, so Duoduo wouldn't be able to go in with her. Zhao Hongling was worried that Lin Yan might get into trouble. Hence, she had insisted on Duoduo taking Lin Yan there.

    Duoduo scrutinized Lin Shuya, who was a short distance away, and whispered to Lin Yan, "Lin Shuya's gown may look simple, but it's actually the most expensive gown of Fairies' latest collection. The name of the gown is Angel. She must have intentionally prepared her gown for tonight's event. Although the voting ends at midnight, everyone knows that she is ahead. The title is definitely hers!"

    When Lin Yan followed Duoduo's gaze, she saw Lin Shuya in an ethereal gown. She was elegant and refined and looked like a fairy who had descended from heaven. She was chatting warmly with staff from other charity organizations.

    "Darling Duoduo, you seldom praise me!" Lin Yan raised her eyebrows.

    Duoduo pouted and hissed, "I might have a mean tongue but I'm not blind!"

    Lin Yan was speechless... She was right.

    Duoduo sounded indignant and grumpy. "How could a woman like Lin Shuya be so kind and generous? Could she possibly set up a shelter for animals with so much effort, time, and money? She doesn't even want recognition or fame? She simply helps anonymously?

    Angel's Shelter is fast becoming her most powerful weapon. Regardless of what she does, her fans will shield her without a second thought."

    That was why, even though they were aware that Lin Shuya was the culprit behind the votes, they had no way to clarify it. No one would believe them, and it would only invite more criticism.

    Lin Yan grinned as a spark glowed in her eyes. "Angel's Shelter isn't considered a big organization. It's just an animal shelter that the public knows about. Foundations such as Darling's Home and Spring Soil are directly connected to the official charity organization of the country. These two foundations are actually the hardest to penetrate.

    However, it's indeed easier to win the public's fancy and approval with an animal shelter like Angel's Shelter. That way, there's more coverage and the public and media shower her with more attention..."

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