738 Invalid Invitation

    Chapter 738: Invalid Invitation

    "Sister Yan, what's wrong?" Duoduo asked hastily.

    Lin Yan stowed her phone inside her bag to prevent her from peeking. "Nothing... Nothing..."

    This wasn't the first time Pei Yucheng had said something like that to her.

    The first time had been when Feng Anhua had wanted to introduce a man to her. She had blurted out that dating was too expensive and she didn't like materialistic men. Hence, she had no wish to date.

    Pei Yucheng had overheard what she'd said and had said at the time, "Actually, there is a solution..."

    When Lin Yan had probed further, Pei Yucheng had asked her to marry him.

    Lin Yan would never forget what Pei Yucheng had said after he had asked her. "After we get married, we won't have to split the bill equally. As for money, there is certainly no need for us to draw a line. My assets and money will be all yours to manage."

    My assets and money will be all yours to manage...

    Huh? Damn it!

    What did he mean by saying that she had already married him three years ago and was already Mrs. Pei?

    If she had indeed married Pei Yucheng and become his wife, why would she need to enter the entertainment industry? Why would she need to work so hard to boost her popularity? Why would she need to land the title of the charity angel?

    All her scandals and rumors would be proven false.

    However, Pei Yucheng's assumption was too frightening...

    It was even more frightening than when he had asked her to marry him.

    This was weird. Why would Pei Yucheng say something so bizarre?

    Lin Yan had reached the security checkpoint while walking in a daze.

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    The cameras couldn't simply focus solely on her and had finally turned to someone else.
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