737 Marry Me

    Chapter 737: Marry Me

    Duoduo listened to Lin Yan's analysis and replied, "You can forget about the foundations that you mentioned. Not any random person can enter the election. Angel's Shelter has been properly managed right from the start and is highly recognized..."

    Duoduo had a hunch that something was amiss. If Lin Shuya had established Angel's Shelter after becoming an artist, she would have had no doubts. However, she had begun doing charity work way before that...

    She had no time to ponder this any longer, as people had discovered their presence. As they began to swarm toward Lin Yan, she had to lead Lin Yan safely inside the venue.

    Indeed, what she had dreaded had come true...

    The cameras had found their target. Excitement saturated the air while they were zooming in the target's direction.

    Indeed, the moment Lin Yan was captured on screen, the people online entered a frenzy.

    No one had foreseen that Lin Yan would have the guts to show up at the event.

    'What the... What have I just seen? Have I gone blind? Why is that jinx here? How did she muster the courage?'

    She stole a glance at Lin Yan and whispered, "Sister Yan, even if your backer is indeed top actor Pei, I don't think he can defend you..."

    "I already told you that it's not him."

    Lin Yan helplessly sighed as she tried to defend her beloved idol. Her phone vibrated with a message notification.

    It was from Pei Yucheng. 'Are you there?'

    Lin Yan, who didn't dare dawdle, instantly replied, 'Yeah, I'm here!'

    Pei Yucheng replied, 'Don't worry. Even if the worst happens, there will be a solution.'

    When Lin Yan read Pei Yucheng's reassuring words, her heart filled with warmth. Curiously, she asked, 'What kind of solution do you have?'

    Pei Yucheng always replied almost instantly. However, this time, it took him quite a while.

    try {

    window._mNHandle.queue.push(function () {

    window._mNDetails.loadTag("386623558", "300x250", "386623558");



    catch (error) {


    Lin Yan clicked the message eagerly when she received it.
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