739 Demanding An Explanation

    Chapter 739: Demanding An Explanation

    The staff member gave her a slightly scornful look. "So sorry, but I'm merely executing orders. The invitation has been rendered invalid by the management. It's no use even if you continue to badger me. Besides, shouldn't you know why the invitation has been retracted?"

    Her biting remarks left Duoduo fuming in fury. She was deliberately trying to embarrass Lin Yan.

    "Why wouldn't the management inform us earlier then? Why would they notify us only when we arrived?" Duoduo hissed sharply.

    "I already said that it's the management's decision. If you want an explanation, you have to look for them," the staff member replied arrogantly and brazenly.

    Some of the guests began to whisper under their breath after noticing what had happened.

    "Lin Yan's invitation is invalid? That isn't so puzzling. How could the organizers have allowed her to attend the event?"

    "Lin Yan is too shameless to even think of trying to get her hands on an invitation. She has already been disqualified!"

    "Does she have the audacity to seek an explanation from the organizers?"

    "Why can't we go in? Not only do I want to question you, but I also want to question the management. Even if they have disqualified her, they don't have the right to cancel the invitation..."

    The staff member was stumped. True enough, the management had no right to cancel her invitation, as this wasn't the right procedure. However, they hadn't expected Lin Yan to be so determined.

    The staff member shoved Duoduo in anger. "If you continue to make a scene, I'm calling the guards! Someone here is causing trouble!"

    She crushed the invitation and hurled it at Duoduo's face. "Get out with your invalid invitation now! Who knows if you bought the invitation?"

    Lin Yan stretched her hand agilely to shield Duoduo's face.

    However, the sharp edges of the invitation scratched Duoduo's face and blood began trailing down her cheek.

    "Ouch..." Duoduo shrieked in pain. Lin Yan's arm was also scratched.

    Ignoring her wound, she stared at Duoduo's bleeding cheek as the glint in her eyes sharpened.

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