740 Give It To Me

    Chapter 740: Give It To Me

    Lin Yan took out some tissues to dab the blood away from Duoduo's cheek. She then placed a band-aid carefully on her wound. At last, she drew Duoduo away to hide behind her.

    Duoduo was about to utter something when Lin Yan hushed her with her fingers. In a seemingly gentle manner, she said, "Alright, Darling Duoduo. Leave this to me."

    Her heart lurched when Lin Yan spoke.

    Lin Yan had always sounded so indifferent and flippant. This was the first time she had seen Lin Yan so serious and solemn. She looked exceptionally... dependable...

    It seemed as though she could solve anything...

    She looked so sexy!

    The bodyguards had arrived on the scene.

    Most of the guests were huddled in small groups, throwing them looks of disdain and disapproval.

    Lin Yan flicked a glance coolly at Lin Shuya as she raised her hand.

    Everyone caught sight of a pale gold invitation that was clenched in Lin Yan's fingers.

    Lin Yan presented the invitation to the staff member and said coldly, "Is this invalid too?"

    At the sight of yet another invitation, the staff member was taken aback.

    After she took a proper look at the details of the invitation, she was even more shocked.

    VIP invitations were all pale gold! Lin Yan currently had one in her hand!

    She took the invitation from Lin Yan with suspicion flickering in her eyes. She then scrutinized the title on the invitation to verify it.

    In a stern manner, the staff member quipped, "Lin Yan, don't tell me you don't know that we have a system to distinguish real invitations from fake ones? Even if you bought one, you can't enter!"

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    Lin Yan chuckled as amusement danced in her eyes. "Would anyone sell a VIP invitation?"
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