741 Sister Yan Was Imposing And Formidable That Day

    Chapter 741: Sister Yan Was Imposing And Formidable That Day

    "Sister... Sister Yan... How did you get this invitation? It's a VIP one to boot... What the... You're going to sit in the first row?" Duoduo looked thunderstruck as she whispered anxiously to Lin Yan. "Sister Yan, did you forge this invitation?"

    Lin Yan looked helplessly back at Duoduo. "Can you not overestimate me? I'm not that capable."

    Besides, all the invitations had a unique code. How could she forge one?

    Duoduo was speechless...

    One had to be extremely capable to get their hands on a VIP invitation, alright?

    Naturally, everyone, including Duoduo, would doubt her.

    People began to converse excitedly under their breath. "It has to be fake!"

    "Definitely! How could it be real?"

    An odd silence enveloped the entire room the moment the machine announced that the verification was complete.

    Lin Shuya, who was startled, flinched. "How is that possible..."

    Her manager looked dumbfounded as well. "Impossible! How did Lin Yan get a VIP invitation? I saw the seat number on that invitation. She is in the first row! That's even better than your seat, Shuya!"

    Lin Shuya's face darkened even more when she heard that.

    She was also seated in the first row, as she was predicted to be the winner of the charity angel title. The rest of the guests in the first row were either presidents of charity foundations or famous guests.

    What about Lin Yan?

    Lin Yan glanced coolly at the staff member. "Can I go in now?"

    The staff member blinked in shock.

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    She had been very sharp and shrewd, but her attitude would improve every time she saw a guest with a VIP invitation. Besides, Lin Yan's VIP seat was in the first row.

    "It must be fake! How could it be real?"


    Lin Shuya inhaled deeply to suppress the boiling fury in her chest.

    Her manager scoffed in disdain. "Did Lin Yan sleep with someone again? She really never changes her spots!"

    Lin Shuya sighed with worry etched on her face. "I'm just afraid that others might make a mountain out of a molehill. This is going to affect her badly..."
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