742 Did You Really Think No One Would Be Able To Prove It?

    Lin Shuya's manager's eyeballs swiveled before he quipped excitedly, "Shuya, you're right! Does she think she can get away with this? How dare she bribe the top management of the charity organization?

    If this matter gets exposed, she will be dead meat. Everyone saw her just now. She won't be able to wriggle her way out of this!"

    Even before her manager said this, Lin Shuya had secretly contacted her people to begin a discussion online.

    Minutes later, the websites were buzzing with the news that Lin Yan had obtained a VIP invitation through some unknown source...


    The guests began to fill the hall.

    Under everyone's surprised and shocked gazes, Lin Yan sat down comfortably in her seat in the first row.

    Duoduo waited at the VIP room backstage.

    She was really anxious and worried as she typed a message to Lin Yan. 'Sister Yan! How did you get that invitation? I thought you were just messing with me about your backer!'

    Lin Yan grinned as she typed, 'I really have a backer, but this backer didn't get me the invitation.'

    Duoduo replied, 'How did you get it?'

    Lin Yan replied, 'Darling's Home Head Secretary Liu gave it to me. It was in the envelope that you handed to me a few days ago.'

    Duoduo typed, 'What? You slept with Head Secretary Liu?'

    Lin Yan rolled her eyes as she typed, 'Darling, your imagination has gone off course this time.'

    Duoduo typed hastily, 'So what's happening? Tell me!'

    Lin Yan replied, 'I'm the current President of Darling's Home.'

    Duoduo was speechless...

    After a minute, she finally replied, 'Sister Yan, you are the one who has a wild imagination!'

    What an international joke!

    Lin Yan knew that Duoduo wouldn't believe her so she didn't reply anymore.

    Soon, she caught a faint scent.

    Lin Shuya had sat down beside her.

    Lin Yan raised her eyebrows. "What a coincidence," she said in greeting.

    Lin Shuya's face hardened before it cracked into a forced smile. "Sister, I've gotten someone to nullify your invitation to spare you the embarrassment, but I didn't think that you really would be so persistent."

    Lin Yan had guessed correctly. Lin Shuya had been behind her invalid invitation.

    Lin Yan chuckled and replied nonchalantly, "Really? I have always enjoyed thrills and excitement."

    Lin Shuya arranged her features into a pitiful expression. "Do you think that you've won just because you are sitting here? I just want to remind you that you will suffer a horrible death."

    In Lin Shuya's eyes, Lin Yan was merely struggling on her deathbed.

    Lin Yan remained mum as Lin Shuya trudged on. "Still, it's good that you're here to witness me reach the summit, sister."

    Lin Shuya thought to herself, 'I will use your Angel's Shelter to reach the summit.'

    Lin Yan tilted her head to study Lin Shuya. "Dear sister, did you really think that no one would be able to prove that I was the one who established Angel's Shelter?"

    Lin Shuya had been fearless, as she was confident that Lin Yan wouldn't be able to prove anything.

    She had either replaced or bribed all the staff who had managed Angel's Shelter with Lin Yan. No one would dare to speak up.

    Lin Yan had trusted Lin Shuya completely with all the funds raised. Lin Shuya had been left in charge of the procurement as well.
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