743 Do You Know President Cheng?

    The new employees would verify her identity and the records to back her up. Lin Yan would never be able to expose her so easily.

    Lin Shuya's face faltered when she heard Lin Yan. However, she calmed down pretty quickly. "Sister, what are you talking about? I don't understand. Angel's Shelter was founded by me, and I'm the one who has been managing it. Every record in the book, including the transactions, is a piece of evidence. Sister, how could you say that?"

    Lin Shuya was confident that Lin Yan didn't have any evidence against her. If she had any, she would have used it.

    It wouldn't be so easy to trick her.

    Lin Yan studied Lin Shuya's face and chuckled at her fearlessness. "Have you heard of the charity organization of old President Cheng Jingqiu?"

    Lin Shuya replied in a composed manner despite not knowing why Lin Yan had mentioned Cheng Jingqiu all of a sudden. "President Cheng? Obviously, everyone knows her. She is the only Chinese person who has ever won the lifelong achievement award given by the international charity foundation. I just had a meal with President Cheng Jingqiu's daughter a few days ago."

    Lin Yan nodded. "It's good that you know her."

    Suddenly, Lin Yan received a message from the elderly president.

    She had messaged her several minutes ago.

    'Xiaolin, how are you? When did you return? Why didn't you contact me? The cats miss you so much... I heard from Xiaomin that you have become a huge celebrity and you are participating in the election for the charity angel. You seem to have the most votes right now. I haven't seen you in so long. I shall come and meet you tonight to present the award to you...'

    The moment Lin Yan finished reading the message, she knew that President Cheng had misunderstood.

    She had always called her Xiaolin and she must have somehow confused her with Lin Shuya.

    However, the elderly president had said that she would be presenting the award tonight. In that case, she would naturally know...

    Lin Yan could have explained to the elderly president by replying to her message. And if she did that, Lin Shuya wouldn't be that embarrassed.

    Lin Yan changed her mind when she thought of Duoduo's wound.

    She hadn't really cared or wished to taint the name of charity with such scandals, but Lin Shuya shouldn't have crossed the line.

    Lin Yan hurriedly replied to the old president to thank her for her concern.

    While she was typing, someone spoke beside Lin Yan.

    The man stared at Lin Yan, close to tearing up. "Lin..."

    Lin Yan soon noticed that it was Qiao Zhiru, the Vice President of Darling's Home. She eyed him sharply to warn him to remain calm.

    Qiao Zhiru lowered his voice and whispered in a trembling voice, "President Lin..."

    Lin Yan pretended not to know him and greeted Qiao Zhiru warmly. "Oh, are you Vice President Qiao? Hi, it's nice to meet you."

    "Hi..." Qiao Zhiru nodded in response.

    Lin Shuya noticed that Qiao Zhiru had smiled at Lin Yan. His attitude seemed warm and friendly, which made her face fall.

    Could... Lin Yan have a connection to Qiao Zhiru?

    If that was the case, it would be interesting...

    Lin Yan's phone vibrated incessantly with messages from the group chat of Darling's Home.

    Vice President Qiao typed, 'Ahhhh! President! The President is sitting in the seat that I've been assigned. I thought you wouldn't come! Are you going to reveal yourself? That would be great!'
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