744 We Want To Flaunt Our President Too

    Head Secretary Liu replied, 'Vice President, please calm down. I just saw the President going in and I stopped myself from greeting her. Oh yeah, President, are you seriously going to reveal your identity?'

    Vice President Qiao typed again, 'Other foundations have their own presidents. Spring Soil has recruited a pretty president recently, and they have been flaunting their president. It's so infuriating!'

    Head Secretary Liu typed eagerly, 'Yeah! President, we want to flaunt you!'

    Vice President Qiao typed, 'I second that!'

    Lin Yan scrolled through the replies and stole glances at the stoic-looking Qiao Zhiru. She was left speechless.

    She had heard of people flaunting their wealth. Never had she heard of someone flaunting their president...

    Head Secretary Liu replied, 'President, did you see how much the criticism has worsened? Let us clarify this on your behalf. Even though we might not be able to help you with Angel's Shelter, at least we can salvage your reputation!'

    Vice President Qiao typed, 'That's right!'

    President Lin replied, 'Calm down, both of you. I already have a solution for Angel's Shelter.'

    Vice President Qiao and Head Secretary Liu were both disappointed when they read Lin Yan's reply.

    Vice President Qiao replied, 'Does that mean we can't flaunt our president?'

    Head Secretary Liu typed gloomily, 'Everyone has their own president. We are the only ones without one. President, how can you bear to do that to us?'

    Both men were sending all sorts of cute emojis. Lin Yan was speechless...


    After all the guests had settled down, the charity event started officially.

    One of the cameras, which recorded a full view of the entire hall, captured Lin Shuya and Lin Yan sitting together. Naturally, it zoomed in on the two of them.

    The moment Lin Yan appeared on the screen, the websites entered an even bigger frenzy than when they had spotted Lin Yan at the security checkpoint.

    'F*ck! Did Lin Yan force her way in? What is the management doing?'

    'According to some sources, someone spilled that Lin Yan got her hands on an invitation. The hilarious thing is that her invitation was rendered invalid. No one knows how Lin Yan managed to get a second invitation, much less a VIP one! That was how she got in! Haven't you noticed that she is sitting in the first row?'

    'To top it off, she is sitting next to Shuya! That's so gross!'

    'What's up with the organizers? Shouldn't they be stringent in selecting their guests? How could they allow her to attend?'

    'Perhaps it's not their fault. Vice President Cheng is fair and just and she wouldn't allow something like that to happen. Could Summit Entertainment have pulled this off by using some connections?'

    'Regardless of what's happened, Lin Yan is really shameless!'


    To uphold order in the hall, the cameras moved away from Lin Yan. Finally, everyone's attention turned to the main topic.

    There were countless guests, so no one else bothered paying attention to Lin Yan again.

    'Stop discussing the jinxed Lin Yan. Let's admire Sister Shuya's gorgeous looks!'

    'That's right! She is just trying to draw attention to herself. Let's all ignore her.'

    Although everyone tried to ignore Lin Yan, her seat was simply located in a prime spot. It was hard for the cameras to avoid her, so she was captured often along with other guests.

    When they tried to focus on Lin Shuya, Lin Yan would always be in the frame...

    What made it worse was that even though Lin Shuya's looks had been praised by her fans and she had been called as beautiful as a fairy in that gown, when Lin Yan and Lin Shuya appeared at the same time, there was still a glaring disparity...
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