745 Is Lin Yan Dating?

    Lin Yan, who was wearing a simple black gown, sat quietly in her seat. It seemed as though she was glowing. In contrast, everyone had lost their splendor.

    Lin Shuya only managed to gain a little glow thanks to her fans' help.

    Despite that, some people gave their honest opinion. 'Even though Lin Yan is so atrocious, she looks perfect, especially when Lin Shuya is next to her. Even Lin Shuya is beaten by her!'

    'Sister, you're not alone! I wanted to say that but I was too intimidated by Lin Shuya's fans. Lin Yan's features are to die for! I didn't realize this in the past, but she seems to get prettier each day! It can't be plastic surgery, as her features haven't changed! It's her aura, I suppose!'

    'Dating is a more powerful method to enhance one's looks than plastic surgery. Is Lin Yan dating?'

    As Lin Yan browsed through the comments, she swallowed her saliva guiltily when someone asked if she was dating.

    How could they have guessed that?

    The charity event finally entered the last and most important segment. It was also the part the fans anticipated the most.

    It was time to reveal the final candidates for the charity angel's title...

    There were only ten minutes left before the results would be announced.

    The top ten candidates with the most votes were invited on the stage.

    Lin Shuya had bought Lin Yan many votes so Lin Yan ended up being one of the top candidates.

    On the screen, it seemed like mockery that Lin Yan had appeared.

    Lin Yan had been disqualified, so the candidate with the most votes right after Lin Yan replaced her.

    'Ha ha ha! I'm going to die of laughter. Lin Yan is still in the top ten! Hilarious!'

    'Doesn't she feel ashamed? How dare she show up today!'

    'Stop looking at Lin Yan! Our fairy Shuya is on the stage! Let's hold our breaths as we wait for our little fairy to be crowned!'

    While all the candidates stood in a row on the stage, some words appeared on the screen...

    'Congratulations to the charity angel of this year: Lin Shuya!'

    'Congratulations to the charity angel of this year: Lin Shuya!'

    'Congratulations to the charity angel of this year: Lin Shuya!'


    Lin Shuya had garnered nearly 30.5 million votes and ended up being more than 10 million votes ahead from the first runner-up.

    The first runner-up clapped and even hugged Lin Shuya when she won. "Congratulations, Shuya!"

    There were only ten minutes left before the voting would close and the outcome seemed to be inevitable.

    Thus, Lin Shuya gracefully accepted her victory and replied, "Thank you!"

    The hosts began to rouse the crowd.

    Excited, the female host said, "Everyone, please look at the screen! Shuya is ahead by many votes! It's clear that she is really popular!"

    The male host chimed in eagerly, "Shuya has made such a big effort to help strays. Who wouldn't like such a pretty, kind angel?"

    The female host quipped, "Recently, the staff of Angel's Shelter has revealed Shuya's donations in all these years. In high school, she first donated a few yuan. Gradually, she increased her contribution to hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousand yuan..."

    The male host replied quickly, "It's so rare to see a young person donate their allowance. What a rare act of generosity!"

    The hosts chattered cheerfully as they heaped praise on Lin Shuya, making the fans feel delighted.
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