746 I Am Such a Selfless Person

    'Shuya is indeed a paragon of purity and kindness in the entertainment industry!'

    'I agree! She has been so beautiful and kind since she was a young girl. Unlike someone else!'

    'They have the same mother, but why would they be as different as chalk and cheese? I heard that Lin Yan has been a delinquent since a young age, yet she has the gall to try to salvage her image? Dream on!'

    'Ha ha! Friends, let's try to analyze this. There is only one method if Lin Yan tries to salvage her image.'

    This topic drew everyone's attention, as they were eager to find out.

    Lin Yan was indeed in a terrible situation right now. It seemed as though she had been finished. It would take a long time for her to improve her image by just a tiny bit.

    Even Zhao Hongling was helpless.

    The person online replied, 'There is only one way... and this is it: Lin Yan has actually been doing charity quietly for years without asking for fame or recognition. She has devoted her life to charity and is an upright, noble person!'

    That comment cracked everyone up tremendously.

    'Ha ha ha! Friend, you're indeed daring! I don't think even an author would have such courage!'

    'Lin Yan is so hungry for fame and recognition. How could she be so selfless?'

    'This is too funny. I declare this the funniest joke of the year!'

    Lin Yan scrolled through the comments with mild interest before her gaze landed on a particular one.

    She grinned and mused wistfully. "Who could predict this so accurately? I'm truly like this! I don't want to hide the truth, but I was the one who founded Angel's Shelter. At the same time, I'm also the president of Darling's Home Charity Foundation."

    Lin Yan spoke to herself, but the Vice President of Darling's Home overheard her.

    Qiao Zhiru gazed at her with adoration shining in her eyes. "President, you're right! You're absolutely right!"

    Suddenly, he realized something and blurted out in surprise, "Hold on! President, what did you say? You... founded Angel's Shelter?"

    He only knew that Lin Yan was being set up. He had no idea about the truth behind Angel's Shelter.

    How could that be?

    Hadn't Lin Shuya founded Angel's Shelter?

    Lin Yan's remarks astonished Qiao Zhiru, but he knew that their president was someone who loved to joke. Was she joking?

    The hosts had devoted time to Lin Shuya and began to talk about the history of Angel's Shelter.

    Last year's charity angel, Gu Xinhan, was full of praise for Lin Shuya as well. Even the rest of the candidates admitted that Lin Shuya deserved victory very much.

    Before the official result was announced, the hosts allocated time for the event's sponsors.

    Lin Yan scanned the stage and realized that the pet product company that had rejected Sister Ling was one of the sponsors.

    "Director Sun, thank you very much for your contribution. I heard that your company has decided on your newest ambassador. Is that right?" asked the female host.

    Director Sun grinned and nodded. "Indeed, we have found a suitable person."

    "Really? Can you tell us who it is?" asked the female host again.

    Director Sun glanced at Lin Shuya and smiled. "Alright then. Since this is such a prestigious, meaningful event, I shall announce it."

    Before he could reveal the name, the screen displayed Lin Shuya's name.

    Indeed, Director Sun announced with a bright smile, "Our ambassador this year is... this year's charity angel, Lin Shuya!"
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