747 Money Well-Spen

    Lin Yan had already expected to hear the name of the new pet product ambassador that had just left Director Sun's lips. Hence, she was hardly surprised.

    Ling Yue's source was right.

    Ling Yue had already informed her that the company had signed a contract with an artist from Triumph Entertainment. It naturally had to be Lin Shuya.

    Zhao Hongling had been liaising with Director Sun for some time, and the details of the contract had been almost confirmed.

    Who would have known that the company would ditch her the moment she was caught in a scandal? They had approached Lin Shuya instead.

    'This pet product company had the excellent foresight to pick our lovely Shuya as their ambassador.'

    'Did you all know that Lin Yan also approached the same company and attempted desperately to market herself? Too bad they thought otherwise.'

    'What a joke! How dare she try to snatch this from Shuya? Does she think that the company is stupid?'


    "Wow! So it's Shuya! With Shuya as your ambassador, I'm sure everyone will be certain about the quality of your products!" the female host exclaimed.

    "Yeah! Shuya is the founder of Angel's Shelter, so no one is more suitable than her!" the male host added.

    Director Sun had a smug, pleased expression on his face.

    Luckily, he was smart enough to pick a replacement in time.

    Although they'd had to spend three times more money to replace Lin Yan, it was money well-spent.

    Lin Shuya, who was the founder of Angel's Shelter as well as the newly-elected charity angel, would be able to endorse their products successfully.

    "Miss Shuya is indeed the ideal ambassador." Director Sun nodded readily.

    Lin Shuya humbly replied, "It's my honor to work with you."

    "Oh, dear! Look at the screen! Within minutes of our conversation, Shuya's votes have surpassed 50 million!" the female host quipped.

    "Shall we reveal the results officially?" the male host remarked with a grin.

    "Hold on, we should adhere to the regulations and announce the result at midnight. What if Shuya reaches another milestone? I heard that Xinhan's votes are 60 million!" said the female host.

    The male host agreed. "That's true. There is a huge possibility based on the increase of the votes."

    Gu Xinhan graciously added, "The future generation shines brighter indeed. I have really good foresight."

    Gu Xinhan had always supported Lin Shuya, and her fans generally appreciated that.

    The comment section was flooded by people thanking Gu Xinhan for supporting Lin Shuya.

    To Gu Xinhan, helping Lin Shuya offered many advantages. That was why she had been willing to help.

    Lin Shuya blushed and replied bashfully, "Everyone is really kind. I have learned so much from Sister Xinhan, and my father has always taught me to be grateful."

    "Shuya, you are indeed outstanding. I'm sure your father is immensely proud of you." The hosts turned their attention to Lin Yuetong, who was sitting below.

    Many people shot admiring glances at Lin Yuetong for having such a wonderful daughter.

    Lin Yuetong's expression improved after the hosts' praise.

    He was aware that Lin Yan was there today and that she had made a scene earlier. Due to the presence of the cameras, he had no choice but to contain his fury.
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