748 A Surprise Marriage Proposal

    Thankfully, Shuya turned out to be wonderful. Otherwise, he would be driven to an early death by that wretched jinx.

    He really had to have a good chat with He Muyun regarding the upbringing of their daughter. How had she ended up like that?

    "Oh, right. Why haven't we spotted Yixuan here today?" The female host teased as she surveyed the crowd.

    Everyone knew how much Han Yixuan doted on his girlfriend. He would definitely be there to support Lin Shuya on such a special occasion. However, he was nowhere to be seen.

    Lin Shuya bit her lips and replied demurely, "Brother Yixuan has work commitments today."

    Although Lin Shuya said that, she was aware that Han Yixuan was planning a surprise for her.

    Han Yixuan had been very secretive, but she had still found out.

    Her beloved Brother Yixuan was planning to propose to her tonight...

    The hosts cast her a meaningful glance. "Really? Perhaps there will be a surprise later?"


    Meanwhile, backstage...

    Han Yixuan was busy instructing the staff members on the surprise later.

    "You have to find the right time for the balloons. Do it at midnight! Use the flower petals that I've imported... Oh, and do check the sound system for me again. Thank you for your hard work!"

    The staff beamed happily back at him. "You're welcome! Mr. Han, don't worry. It's such an important day for you, but we will make sure everything is well-prepared!"

    "I'm so envious! Shuya is such a blessed girl to have Yixuan as her boyfriend!"

    "Today's event will definitely be unforgettable!"

    "I'm so nervous! I'm looking forward to seeing Shuya's expression later!"

    Han Yixuan listened to them with a gentle smile, bliss filling his face.

    Shuya was such a kind, gentle girl. He was willing to give everything to her.


    The hosts checked the time and quipped, "Just a few minutes left to go. Before we announce the winner, we would like to invite Vice President Cheng to speak on the stage."

    The hosts warmly welcomed Cheng Min, who walked up the stage in a professional beige suit.

    Everyone on the stage nodded and greeted Cheng Min politely.

    Lin Shuya seemed slightly overwhelmed. Politely, she said, "Vice President Cheng."

    Cheng Min acknowledged her by nodding her head. Because of her mother's relentless praise, she had been impressed by Angel's Shelter.

    The host said, "Vice President Cheng, please say a few words."

    Cheng Min took the microphone and said, "The charity foundation has received a lot of love and attention from everyone. Thank you for your contribution to charity. I..."

    While she spoke, the screen was displaying the candidates' votes. Lin Shuya's votes were about to surpass 60 million.

    Everyone else's votes were increasing except for Lin Yan's. Her votes had stayed stagnant.

    Lin Yan was soon replaced by the people behind her, her position slipping.

    The fact that her votes had not increased led to another round of mockery.
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