750 Ingots Attack

    Cheng Jingqiu's name was prestigious both locally and internationally. Naturally, her words carried important weight.

    A person who possessed such high prestige would be personally presenting the award, which elevated the importance and significance of the award.

    Lin Shuya had thanked her lucky stars that she had been able to get to know Cheng Min. Now, the elderly president had noticed her. She maintained a careful expression of humility with an appropriate trace of excitement.

    After Cheng Min spoke, the cameras zoomed in the direction of the backstage area.

    An old lady with white hair was carrying a huge black cat and walking slowly toward the stage.

    Cheng Min traipsed over to the old lady swiftly to support her.

    The moment Cheng Jingqiu appeared, the hall erupted with applause. The comments online were all talking about how wonderful Lin Shuya was.

    The female host hurriedly supported the old lady's other arm. "President Cheng, I didn't think that you would be present today. You're the biggest surprise of the night."

    Lin Shuya, Gu Xinhan, and the others bowed in greeting before Cheng Jingqiu.

    Cheng Jingqiu stroked the black cat in her arms as a warm smile appeared on her face. "I'm here to take a look, not to steal the attention. It was a last-minute decision, and I hope I didn't cause anyone trouble."

    Gu Xinhan heard her and replied respectfully, "How could it be? It's an honor for us to see you here."

    The male host said promptly, "President Cheng, I heard that you wanted to come today because the founder of Angel's Shelter will also be the charity angel. Am I right?"

    Cheng Jingqiu's smile turned warm and even more motherly. "Yeah. I'm in poor health, and it has been ages since I last left the house. My daughter told me about it, and I wanted to come and meet her today..."

    Cheng Jingqiu's eyes scanned the row of people standing on the stage. However, she didn't catch a glimpse of the person she had been yearning to meet.

    Indeed, President Cheng had attended the event especially for Lin Shuya.

    The female host, who was shrewd, instantly led Cheng Jingqiu to Lin Shuya and said, "President Cheng, this is Miss Lin Shuya."

    Lin Shuya bowed and bent her back to greet the old lady. "President Cheng, I've always respected you very much. You have contributed so much to charity and you're my role model. I'm really happy to be able to meet you here today."

    Cheng Jingqiu glanced at Lin Shuya, who had suddenly walked over to her. She seemed to find her name familiar but she couldn't recall her.

    Lin Shuya tried to get closer to Cheng Jingqiu intentionally and decided to target the cat. With a delighted expression, she exclaimed, "What an adorable cat!"

    She stretched her hand to stroke it.

    The eyes of the huge black cat suddenly flew open and it peered warily at Lin Shuya. With a warning hiss, it stretched both paws.

    Cheng Jingqiu hastily tightened her grip on the black cat to prevent it from scratching Lin Shuya. "Ingot, be good! What happened?"

    Ingot had always been lazy and indifferent around people. It had never tried to attack anyone before.
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