749 The President Presents The Award Personally

    Lin Shuya's fans were frantically voting for her in a bid to help Lin Shuya break the record. To top it off, Lin Shuya had a likable image, which allowed her to win the hearts of the public. With Angel's Shelter, she had succeeded in winning the support of animal lovers.

    Even though it was less than five minutes until the end of the voting process, Lin Shuya's votes inflated substantially.

    "55 million... 56 million... 58 million..." the host announced dramatically as she eyed the screen intently.

    Three minutes later, the female host gasped in excitement. "60 million! She has exceeded 60 million votes!"

    The male host shouted, "Congratulations, Shuya! You've broken the record!"

    The female host beamed brightly. "Congratulations to the charity angel of the year!"

    She had announced Lin Shuya as the winner, as it was certain that no one else would catch up to her votes.

    Applause cracked wildly in the air while everyone online cheered.

    Lin Shuya stared at her votes before she flicked a casual glance at Lin Yan with a smirk.

    She thought to herself, 'Dear sister, it's a pity. You're left with nothing despite putting up a struggle. You just ended up being defeated miserably.

    From this day onward, I will admire your struggle at rock bottom...'

    The female host quipped cheerfully, "All we have to do is wait for our esteemed guest to present the award to Shuya!"

    The male host interjected. "Hold on! Does everyone know who our presenter is?"

    The female host pretended to be clueless and asked deliberately, "Who is it? Isn't it Vice President Cheng?"

    Lin Shuya glanced at her with doubt in her eyes.

    Cheng Min had presented the award each year. Who could it be this year?

    The male host quipped excitedly, "The presenter is President Cheng Jingqiu of the charity foundation!"

    The female host gushed with delight. "Are you serious?"

    When the hosts said this, a ripple of excitement spread across the hall.

    "President Cheng is presenting the award personally?"

    "But President Cheng's health is poor. Hasn't she stayed out of the limelight for years?"

    "Yeah. Plus, this isn't exactly the most important function. Who would have expected President Cheng to appear today? Lin Shuya is really honored to be able to receive the award personally from her."


    It had never occurred to Lin Shuya that President Cheng would present the award to her personally. Delight was etched on her face.

    The female host turned to Cheng Min, "Vice President Cheng Min, will the elderly president be here?"

    Cheng Min expounded, "Yeah. My mother has also spoken highly of Angel's Shelter. A few days ago, I mentioned this event and she said that she would like to present the award personally to the founder of Angel's Shelter..."

    The moment everyone heard that the elderly president had been impressed by Angel's Shelter, Lin Shuya's fans were even more overwhelmed.

    'Ahhh! Shuya is indeed the best! Even President Cheng is presenting the award personally!'

    'That clown Lin Yan will not be able to reach Shuya's level till the day she dies.'

    Qiao Zhiru, who was sitting beside Lin Yan, seemed taken aback. "The elderly president is here? I heard that she has been in poor health in the past few years... The last time I met her was two years ago. Why is she here today?"
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