751 She Couldnt Be Mistaken

    Lin Shuya got a bad shock and hastily retracted her hands. She looked awkward and terrified.

    The female host sized up the situation and hurriedly tried to smooth things over. "President Cheng, Shuya has been working hard for charity all these years. She is an extremely hardworking and responsible young person. It's no wonder that you admire her so much."

    The female host smiled as she spoke fluently. She praised both Lin Shuya and Cheng Jingqiu and tried to direct the attention away from the black cat, who had tried to scratch Lin Shuya.

    There was an intense discussion over the incident.

    'That black cat is so fierce! It almost scratched Shuya!'

    'Shuya is so gentle, but this black cat is really violent!'

    'Yeah! It's too wild. I reckon that it isn't a pedigree cat. It must be a stray. That explains it...'

    Cheng Jingqiu's expression contained suspicion and doubt.

    Hadn't her daughter mentioned that Xiaolin would be the charity angel? Why hadn't she seen Xiaolin anywhere? The host kept talking about this girl, whom she had never met before. Why would she say that she really admired her?

    She had never met this girl before...

    Cheng Jingqiu's mind was shrouded by questions as she wondered if this was a method used in the entertainment industry to boost one's popularity. She was beginning to feel displeased.

    Although Cheng Jingqiu was suspicious, she wouldn't make things difficult for someone in public given her character and upbringing. She certainly wouldn't interrogate Cheng Min in the presence of everyone. Hence, her smile merely faltered.

    Lin Shuya was immersed in her excitement and hadn't noticed the change in Cheng Jingqiu's expression. She thus replied, "I'm merely doing insignificant things. It's nothing compared to President Cheng's achievements. The entire younger generation should emulate President Cheng's generosity and kindness."

    "Shuya, don't be so humble. Everyone has witnessed what you've done." The female host glanced at the screen and said, "It's just two minutes to midnight, and your votes are still the highest. Congratulations, Shuya! There won't be any suspense!"

    Her fans had begun to praise her once more.

    'Of course there won't be any suspense! The title of the charity angel belongs to Shuya!'

    'Congratulations, Shuya! You are a fairy who deserves to be the charity angel!'

    'Congratulations, little fairy!'


    At the same time, Cheng Jingqiu stared at the screen behind her.

    She studied the name in the first position. It was that girl, Lin Shuya.

    Lin Shuya...

    The female host recited her script smoothly. "Miss Lin Shuya, you established Angel's Shelter six years ago. You set up a home for strays and started off from a dilapidated courtyard. Now, Angel's Shelter is the biggest shelter in the entire country and its name has traveled overseas. You shed blood and tears for Angel's Shelter, and your contribution to charity hasn't gone unnoticed."

    "If someone wants to meet an angel on earth, she would be a girl like Shuya!"

    "Today, our charity angel, Miss Lin Shuya, embodies the title perfectly. She will be the best charity ambassador."

    Cheng Jingqiu's face hardened visibly when she heard that Lin Shuya was the one who had 'founded' Angel's Shelter. She turned solemn and enraged when it was mentioned that she was the charity angel as well.

    She might be old, but she could never be mistaken.

    She had initially assumed that Lin Shuya had bribed the host to exaggerate her admiration for her.
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