753 Protective

    Cheng Jingqiu's words rang clearly around the entire hall, making everyone fall silent.

    What had President Cheng said? She was one of Angel's Shelter's founders?

    Why hadn't Lin Shuya mentioned anything about this?

    According to President Cheng's remarks, Angel's Shelter had two founders. She was one of them, but Lin Shuya clearly wasn't the other one?

    Lin Shuya was evidently the most shocked person around. Hadn't her sister started this because she'd had nothing better to do?

    Why would President Cheng have been involved?

    This sudden revelation confused everyone.

    It took the host some time to recover. "President Cheng... Do you mean that... Angel's Shelter... You're one of Angel's Shelter's founders?"

    Cheng Jingqiu's gentleness and warmth had been replaced entirely by coldness. She spoke loudly and clearly as she addressed everyone. "Although I was one of the founders, I didn't invest much effort or time. My health was failing, and my family didn't want me to tire myself out. Even Xiaomin was kept in the dark about this.

    My young friend is the one who has been managing Angel's Shelter. She is the original and actual founder of Angel's Shelter.

    Thus, I would like to ask Miss Lin Shuya: Why would you say that you founded Angel's Shelter all by yourself?"

    Lin Shuya had turned deathly pale by now.

    Never in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined that Lin Yan would be acquainted with President Cheng. Furthermore, President Cheng had been involved in Angel's Shelter.

    Although she had already taken care of and bribed all the old employees and planted evidence and records, everything would crumble at a mere word of this influential lady.

    Who would dare suspect or question President Cheng Jingqiu?

    Indeed, hushed whispers sprang up in the entire hall when everyone heard Cheng Jingqiu.

    "What is happening? Does that mean that Lin Shuya didn't establish Angel's Shelter?"

    "Highly unlikely. She has records of her donations."

    "But how could President Cheng be wrong?"

    "I'm just curious to know the identity of the original founder."


    The female host awkwardly cleared her throat. "President Cheng, has there been a misunderstanding? Shuya has been slogging all these years for Angel's Shelter. How could she not be the founder?"

    Cheng Jingqiu had already understood the twists and turns of this entire story. Thus, she coldly quipped, "I'm sure Miss Lin Shuya is aware of the truth. Is she the founder or someone who has stolen someone else's fruit of labor?"

    Lin Shuya composed herself forcefully and put on an aggrieved expression. "I... I didn't... President Cheng... This must be a misunderstanding..."

    Cheng Jingqiu was grim when she saw Lin Shuya's pitiful expression as she tried to deny this. "Miss Lin Shuya, are you implying that I'm lying?"

    Cheng Jingqiu seemed like an amicable, gentle old lady. However, when she was furious, she became sharp and stern. Lin Shuya hurriedly shook her head. "No! I didn't mean that... How could it be... I didn't mean that.."

    Lin Shuya was still hoping that Cheng Jingqiu wouldn't make the situation so bad. After all, this was such an important function that there was a live telecast. This would also affect the reputation of the charity organization.

    However, Lin Shuya was clearly unaware that Cheng Jingqiu was extremely protective of those that were dear to her. She also loathed people who resorted to underhanded methods. Unfortunately, Lin Shuya had crossed both lines. As a result, she was seething in fury right now.
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