754 Her Name Is Lin Yan

    Cheng Jingqiu had finally realized why Lin Shuya's name sounded so familiar to her. She was Xiaolin's sister.

    She hadn't imagined that Xiaolin's sister would betray her and allow the host to slander Xiaolin in any way she wanted.

    When had she ever been an incompetent girl who would accuse her younger sister?

    Xiaolin was such a wonderful girl. How could her sister, who shared the same blood with her, treat her this way?

    Even though she hadn't been involved in other people's affairs in years, she swore to seek justice on Xiaolin's behalf!

    The black cat, which seemed to share her owner's determination, purred loudly.

    The director and assistant director were both anxious and panicky right now. They signaled for the hosts to end the conversation.

    This was a live telecast that was broadcast nationwide!

    However, how could the two hosts have the guts to interrupt Cheng Jingqiu, who was obviously enraged? They stood helplessly there as stiff as pillars, unsure of what to do next.

    It seemed as though the situation would worsen. Cheng Min then interjected. "Mother, didn't you say that Angel's Shelter was established by Xiaolin?"

    The female host looked as though she had met her savior and seized this chance. "Yeah! There should be no mistake about that!"

    Lin Shuya clenched her fists...

    The Xiaolin mentioned by Cheng Jingqiu would definitely be...

    Cheng Jingqiu peered at Lin Shuya and quipped coldly, "Xiaolin is not Miss Lin Shuya."

    She knew that her daughter had misunderstood and thought that she had referred to Lin Shuya.

    Everyone was mystified by now. They glanced at each other with the same question in their heads: There was a second Xiaolin?

    The comments were flooding at lightning speed.

    'F*ck! What the hell is going on? I'm confused!'

    'What is wrong with President Cheng? She suddenly appeared and claimed that Angel's Shelter was not founded by Shuya? Then who is Xiaolin if not Lin Shuya? Is she senile?'

    'Who is President Cheng? Did someone bribe her to accuse Shuya?'

    In the past, defensive comments left by Lin Shuya's fans would be approved by others. However, these comments were instantly met with a wave of ferocious backlash.

    'I can't tolerate this b*ll** anymore! Are they morons? They should study harder! Do they have any idea who Cheng Jingqiu is? How dare they insult her!'

    'Lin Shuya's idiotic fans should scram! How dare they have the guts to say that? Madam Cheng Jingqiu has contributed extensively to charity throughout her entire life. Why would a saint like her tarnish the reputation of a mere actress?'

    'I think those stupid fans are embarrassed and angry because Lin Shuya has been exposed!'

    Cheng Min frowned and pressed on. "Mother, who is this person then?"

    The hosts and everyone gazed at Cheng Jingqiu with bated breath.

    "She..." Cheng Jingqiu's expression softened as she stroked the cat. However, when she addressed the audience, she looked sharp and solemn.

    Cheng Jingqiu's gaze swept across the hall as her voice rang out clearly. "I always call my friend Xiaolin, and I think that's why there was a misunderstanding. Her name is Lin Yan. Lin Yan."
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