755 She Is Obviously a Vicious Beauty

    Her full name was Lin Yan.

    When Cheng Jingqiu's voice resonated around the hall, the hosts, candidates, and guests all froze.

    Silence collapsed heavily on everyone.

    Even the comments online halted abruptly.

    What was the name that President Cheng had mentioned?

    Lin Yan...

    President Cheng had said that her friend, the original founder of Angel's Shelter, was Lin Yan?

    Oh my god!

    It took at least ten seconds for everyone to recover.

    Then, a commotion spread across the entire hall.

    The hosts almost dropped their microphones, while the others on the stage stared at each other with incredulity. Disbelief was evident in their eyes, and they looked as though they had just seen a ghost.

    Qiao Zhiru and Head Secretary Liu, who had still been betting about the original founder in the group chat a minute ago, felt their jaws drop when they heard their president's name.

    They turned to gaze at Lin Yan. "President?"

    Head Secretary Liu was dumbfounded.

    Qiao Zhiru sputtered, "President, aren't you our President? When did you go over to Angel's Shelter?"

    Lin Yan was quite taken aback, as this was a live telecast. She had originally thought that President Cheng would wait till the end of the event to announce this.

    She had never thought that she would blurt it out...

    She stole a glance at Vice President Qiao and Head Secretary Liu and coughed gently. "Was there a rule that didn't allow us to have a part-time job?"

    Part-time job...

    Qiao Zhiru stammered, "Yeah... You can..."

    Head Secretary Liu inched closer, looking aggrieved. "President, this is such a serious matter. Why didn't you tell us?"

    Lin Yan studied his expression. "I told you guys."

    Head Secretary Liu whispered, "When did you tell us?"

    Lin Yan replied off-handedly, "Just now in the group chat, but none of you believed me."

    Head Secretary Kiu was speechless...

    Qiao Zhiru was speechless...

    After a brief pause, comments materialized in the blink of an eye.

    'Was that an illusion? What did President Cheng say? Lin Yan?'

    'Lin Yan?'

    'Lin Yan?'

    Lin Yan's name appeared at least 100,000 times as the comments exploded.

    'F*ck! This had to be one of the most magical things to happen in this century! How could it be Lin Yan? Lin Yan has been criticized and lambasted as a vicious b*tch!'

    'Please watch your words. What do you mean by calling her a vicious b*tch? Sister Yan is obviously a vicious beauty!'

    One of Lin Yan's fans jumped out to retaliate.

    A handful of Lin Yan's fans jumped on the bandwagon and rode on that comment.

    'Even though this is very shocking, it's not impossible. Lin Yan has previously said that she was the founder of Angel's Shelter but didn't seem to be in the right state of mind at that point in time so no one believed her.'

    'Oh, my god. Lin Yan has been telling the truth all this time... She is the founder of Angel's Shelter...'

    'What the hell is happening right now? In the end, it was Lin Yan's dear sister, Lin Shuya, who stole from her?'


    Because of Cheng Jingqiu's claims, the whole country seemed to have entered a frenzy.

    Lin Yuetong, who had still been relishing in the attention he was given, had suddenly been attacked with sharp accusing looks. His face hardened as he hissed, "What is happening?"
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