757 Rock-Solid Evidence

    The black cat seemed to have discovered something below the stage, as it struggled to get away from the old lady.

    Cheng Jingqiu patted the black cat to soothe it as she turned to Lin Shuya. Taking her time, she asked, "Miss Lin Shuya, over the years, you have received a sum of money from overseas every few months. Am I right?"

    The moment Lin Shuya heard about the sums of money, she held her breath and her heart sank.

    Cheng Jingqiu's eyes scanned the hall before she continued speaking patiently. "All these sums of money were donated by Lin Yan. They were meant for Angel's Shelter's operating expenses. Every donation you have made was from Lin Yan. It had nothing to do with you."

    Most of the money Lin Yan had given to Lin Shuya she had won from her competitions. It was usually cash, and there would only be one transaction record usually in the form of a receipt.

    Countless amounts of money had been transferred over the years, so it would be hard and tedious to keep every single record. Besides, it would be impossible to retrieve the bank records from overseas banks. That was why Lin Shuya had been so confident that she wouldn't be exposed.

    Lin Shuya dug her fingernails into her palms when she realized that President Cheng had known all along.

    However, as long as there wasn't any concrete evidence, Cheng Jingqiu's words wouldn't matter.

    Still, this had never crossed her mind...

    Cheng Jingqiu elaborated clearly. "At the time, Xiaoyan was the one managing everything. I didn't do much. I merely reminded her to keep track of the transactions, so I got her to send me all the records for account-keeping purposes.

    Today, I thought of catching up with this young friend I haven't seen in years. I brought along some meaningful records. To think that they would prove to be useful since all of you insist on evidence! Let's take a look..."

    Cheng Jingqiu gestured to someone in the crowd.

    In no time, a person who seemed to be her assistant marched over to her in big strides with a file and a bag.

    Cheng Jingqiu took the bag and file from him and passed them both to Cheng Min.

    Cheng Min opened the file carefully.

    There was a thick wad of transaction records that had been neatly categorized from oldest to newest.

    The name on every single record and the person who had transferred the money was Lin Yan. The recipient was Lin Shuya.

    To reduce Cheng Jingqiu's work, Lin Yan had also added the objective of the money transferred. For instance, purchase of medical equipment and rental expenses.


    The people near Cheng Min managed to catch a glimpse of the records. The male host, who had spoken up for Lin Shuya earlier, was stunned.

    He had risked offending Cheng Jingqiu and suffering the wrath of vicious comments because he had believed that Lin Shuya wouldn't tell a lie.

    However, he felt as if he had been slapped by these records. He just stood there in shock...

    "How... How could... Why..."

    The guests couldn't see the records, but judging from the expression on the host's face, the truth had hit them.

    Cheng Min swiftly instructed the staff to project these records on the screen.

    Since it had come to this, she could only follow the flow.

    Initially, she had believed that her mother had acted recklessly. However, Lin Shuya had been too scheming and despicable.
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