756 She Wouldnt Need To Stop

    A shocked Lin Shuya stood there looking deathly pale. She hadn't expected that Cheng Jingqiu would expose everything in public.

    She had lost her head and she used every ounce of her determination to stop herself from losing control.

    Although Lin Yan had Cheng Jingqiu as her witness, she still had the donation records and evidence to back her up.

    Her name had appeared in all the donations even though Lin Yan had been doing all the work.

    Lin Shuya was aware that it was futile to explain right now. It would only make her seem disrespectful to Cheng Jingqiu.

    She clammed up, as though the words were stuck in her throat, and maintained an aggrieved and pitiful expression.

    The male host blurted out, "President Cheng, is Lin Yan... really the founder of Angel's Shelter?"

    Several top management officials and VIP guests narrowed their eyes in dissatisfaction before President Cheng could reply.

    The host had implied that he was doubting President Cheng.

    The male host hurriedly rephrased his question as beads of perspiration rolled down his forehead. "I don't mean to question you, President Cheng. Of course, no one would doubt you. What I mean is that although Miss Lin Yan set up Angel's Shelter, Miss Lin Shuya has the donation records as evidence. She has also visited the animals frequently, which also means that she has contributed to Angel's Shelter. We can't accuse her of stealing..."

    Lin Shuya's head was bent as tears fell, making her look exceedingly pitiful.

    Gu Xinhan interjected. "Yeah, it's not important to find out who the founder is... Shouldn't we emphasize more who has donated or made more effort?"

    Lin Shuya's fans jumped and seized this opportunity with renewed energy.

    'Yeah, she is right! It doesn't matter who set it up! Lin Yan didn't contribute anything in terms of effort and money!'

    'How do you know that Lin Yan has done nothing? Why should she broadcast this to everyone? Does she have to publish every single thing she has done, just like your beloved Lin Shuya?'

    'Shuya hasn't said a word. She was the one who forked out the money. How would Lin Yan be able to get the money for donations? Shuya was also the one who took care of the animals. What can we do if we insist that Lin Shuya is the founder?'

    'Does taking pictures and stroking the animals equal taking care of the animals? Isn't that just acting? The entire industry is well aware of that!'

    'As a passerby, Lin Shuya is definitely in the wrong. Regardless of the contribution made by Lin Yan, she is the original founder of Angel's Shelter. Why would Lin Shuya, who is her sister, deny that fact?'

    Their fans had started an intense online war.

    Lin Shuya began to compose herself with comforting thoughts. Lin Yan would only be able to prove that she had established Angel's Shelter. She was the one who had donated the money.

    "Miss Lin Shuya, are you certain that you were the one who made all the donations?" asked Cheng Jingqiu sharply.

    Lin Shuya had no idea how much Cheng Jingqiu knew so she didn't dare answer. She shot a glance at the host to ask for help.

    The male host caught her eye and felt the need to protect her. "President Cheng, I'm sure they aren't fake records..."

    Cheng Jingqiu appraised Lin Shuya intently and understood why she was still fearless and confident.

    She wanted to stop, but it looked like she wouldn't need to.
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