758 They Had Loved a Fake Idol

    If her mother hadn't shown the evidence, she reckoned that Lin Shuya would have tried to lie to wriggle her way out.

    She had decided to purge everything once and for all.

    Lin Shuya's fans continued to cause a war online. They were adamant about not believing Cheng Jingqiu's claims. Besides, Lin Shuya also had evidence to support her claims.

    'You have all gone nuts. Let's put aside the fact that Lin Yan is a delinquent. Even though she is rich, she is really stingy! All she wants is money, so there is no way she would give her money to charity!'

    'I second that! If Lin Yan really donated those sums of money, I shall swallow my fist!'

    'I'm tearing up because of this joke. A stingy rooster like her would donate to charity? Haven't you noticed that the gown she is wearing is already outdated and she has worn it before?'


    Lin Yan was also reading the comments online.

    "Ha... A stingy rooster... That is quite apt..." She mused aloud.

    Qiao Zhiru and Head Secretary Liu were both outraged upon reading the comments.

    Head Secretary Liu snapped, "How dare they liken President to a rooster!"

    Qiao Zhiru hissed, "Although President is indeed quite stingy..."

    Head Secretary Liu retorted, "She is only miserly when it comes to herself, alright?"

    Qiao Zhiru agreed fully. "Yeah! Being thrifty is a virtue!"

    Amid a flurry of criticism, the staff had gotten the screen ready.

    They proceeded to project Lin Yan's records on the screen. The records clearly showed that the money had been transferred to Lin Shuya...

    Cheng Jingqiu had kept the records neat, and the screen changed smoothly from one page to another.

    Those who had a good memory realized that the amount of money that Lin Yan had given to Lin Shuya was more than what Lin Shuya had donated.

    There was also an amount of money that was untraceable, as Lin Shuya hadn't donated it.

    It was silent in the hall again.

    Lin Yan's fans and the general public caused a ruckus once more.

    'F*ck! F*ck! Lin Yan really forked out the money! Who accused her of being a good-for-nothing? Who said that Lin Yan was miserly and a stingy rooster?'

    'Who swore to swallow their fist if this was true? Show yourself, don't be a coward!'

    'I pity Lin Shuya's fans. They have loved a fake idol!'

    'Damn it. I'm Lin Yan's fan, but we do admit that she is miserly and stingy. We wanted her to have a session with her fans, but she said that it was a waste of money! None of us would have believed that she'd be willing to give so much money to charity!'

    'She wore an old gown and couldn't even bear to spend money on her fans, yet she donated all her money to charity. Oh gosh. Is she still our idol? I pity us for loving a fake idol!'


    Lin Shuya hadn't expected Cheng Jingqiu to keep a record of merely a few hundred USD on her side. Not even a single record had gone missing throughout these years.

    All the records were like metal claws as they peeled off her luxurious gown and facade.

    "No... No... This isn't..." Lin Shuya wanted to explain but couldn't utter a word to save her life as she stared at the screen.

    No... This wasn't supposed to happen...
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