759 Should We Go Ahead With The Proposal?

    Why had things ended up like this?

    Tonight was supposed to be the day when she would receive everyone's love and attention. How had it ended up this way?

    Lin Shuya looked vulnerable and seemed to be on the verge of collapsing. The male host had half a thought to defend her but squashed the thought almost instantly after learning his lesson.

    He had begun to doubt the reports of Lin Shuya taking care of animals himself. Why would he risk helping her?

    Because of this shocking news, everything that had been on the schedule was halted.

    Originally, the production crew had planned for Lin Shuya to interact with some cats and dogs during the award ceremony, which would serve as a warm, perfect ending for the event.

    The staff members had the animals ready, but everyone stood below the stage, not sure what to do.

    Those who were stuck in a worse predicament were the staff members who had helped Han Yixuan prepare his proposal.

    Han Yixuan's assistant hesitated for some time before walking over to Han Yixuan awkwardly. "Mr. Han... What should we do now?"

    Han Yixuan gazed far away, his expression grave and solemn.

    The assistant was dumb enough to ask again. "We... have gotten everything ready. Should we go ahead with the proposal?"

    Han Yixuan snapped, "Scram!"

    His assistant retreated in alarm.

    One of the staff members glared at the assistant. "Dumb! He is obviously asking for trouble. Who would be in the right frame of mind to propose right now? Would anyone want his fiance to be considered a liar?"

    His assistant patted his chest and muttered to himself. "Who would have thought... Miss Lin Shuya is so kind and gentle... And she now seems so vicious and scheming... How did this happen?"

    The staff member pouted. "You're really naive. The entertainment industry is deep and murky. Nothing is what it seems like on the surface."

    He mumbled under his breath, "It seems like Lin Yan might have been speaking the truth when she claimed that Lin Shuya stole Han Yixuan from her, right? The industry is truly a mess..."

    A girl scurried forward. "What should we do with all the animals?"

    The staff member dismissed her impatiently. "Don't ask me. We are all in a pickle right now. I have to inform the others to halt the proposal plan..."

    He then ran off in another direction.

    Just before he could do that, probably due to some kind of glitch, the machine that had been initially timed to turn on after midnight, activated itself.

    A loud bang was heard.

    Balloons rose and floated as rose petals fell dreamily around the stage. Soft music played in the background.

    The grave atmosphere had been disrupted and broken in the blink of an eye.

    The animals got a scare from the sounds and all dashed out, running everywhere and jumping onto the stage.

    The cats and dogs ran amok while the actresses screamed and shrieked, causing chaos to ensue everywhere.
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