760 Fighting to Tame the Animals

    "Ahhh! So many dogs! I'm afraid of dogs!" An actress who was supposedly a dog lover shrieked in fear.

    Many other actresses looked either alarmed or fearful. Gu Xinhan forced herself to remain quiet despite the look of disdain on her face. She fled as fast as she could.

    The staff members rushed on stage to try to get the situation under control. However, the animals had all gotten a shock and couldn't calm down. Hence, chaos ensued.

    Cheng Min instructed them solemnly. "Hurry up and get the staff of Angel's Shelter!"

    Other than the people who were close to the animals, no one could get the animals to calm down.

    President Cheng was rather anxious too. "Why would you arrange for the animals to come to such a crowded place?"

    Both hosts turned awkward and clammed up.

    Angel's Shelter's staff members had arrived.

    However, the animals didn't listen to the staff members at all.

    Awkwardly, one of them explained, "Sorry, I just joined the team and the animals aren't very familiar with me... Besides, they are hard to tame..."

    To protect herself, Lin Shuya had already gotten rid of the existing staff and recruited new employees.

    The staff members had deliberately chosen animals whose temperament was mild and gentle. They had also intentionally chosen the older ones, who were less active. However, they had just stepped into a new environment and been badly shocked, which had resulted in a loss of control.

    If they continued to run blindly about, injuries would occur.

    One of the candidates who was wearing a pink gown stepped forward.

    She smiled brightly and suggested, "Staff members? Isn't Shuya part of Angel's Shelter? She takes care of these animals very often, and I remember seeing photos of her with some of these animals. I'm sure she is very close to them. Why don't we get Shuya to help?"

    At the actress's suggestion, everyone's eyes trailed to Lin Shuya.

    Lin Shuya gritted her teeth in anger as she glared at the actress.

    She had merely gotten these animals to take photos with her so that she could post them on Weibo, but this might be her only chance at redemption...

    "I... Let me try..." Lin Shuya inhaled deeply as she headed toward a dog cautiously. "Sandy! Come here, Sandy! Don't run!"

    The brown dog spotted Lin Shuya and bared its teeth fiercely. It then barked loudly at her.

    Lin Shuya, who felt awkward, decided to try her luck on a kitten. "Rosie... Rosie, be good..."

    The kitten turned hostile and accidentally used its claws to slash at Lin Shuya's expensive gown.

    Lin Shuya tried a few more times, but none of the animals reacted. In the end, she grabbed a plump cat. "Berry! Berry, don't run..."

    She had exerted too much force, and her grip was strangling the cat. The cat meowed furiously as it struggled.

    Lin Yan finally rose, as she couldn't take it anymore.

    She had taught Lin Shuya how to take care of and interact with all these animals. Evidently, she hadn't paid attention to any of her words.

    Lin Shuya didn't even remember their names.

    Lin Yan strode to the stage swiftly.


    The cat in Lin Shuya's grip, which had been called Berry earlier, meowed excitedly. It scratched Lin Shuya before it leaped toward Lin Yan.
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