761 Humans Could Lie But Animals Wouldn

    Lin Yan lifted the cat carefully and began to call out to the rest of the animals.

    "Fortune! Prosperity! Euros! Pounds! Yuan!"

    The animals paused and hesitated. Seconds later, the dogs scrambled frantically in the direction of Lin Yan and the cats followed suit.

    Several others, who hadn't heard Lin Yan, were still scampering wildly. She whistled shrilly to catch their attention.

    When she did, the rest of the dogs and cats turned and ran toward Lin Yan. They then stopped before her obediently as they sat on the floor.

    Several puppies sniffed at Lin Yan's legs and seemed to recognize her scent. They began to circle her happily as they wagged their tails.

    The cats began to move around Lin Yan too...

    Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, these animals had been at Angel's Shelter for a long time and she knew them.

    A black shadow flashed past as the black cat leaped from President Cheng's arms agilely. It then dashed toward Lin Yan

    Lin Yan carried both the plump cat and the black cat in her arms, so their combined weight made her arms ache.

    "Darling, I've missed you so much..." Lin Yan kissed the cat's head instantly.

    The other cat meowed angrily when it saw Lin Yan kissing the black cat.

    A moment later, the two cats began to fight in Lin Yan's arms...

    There was a flurry of fists as their claws swiped at each other.

    Lin Yan's head throbbed as she grumbled. "My darlings... Stop this war... Don't fight every single time..."

    Lin Yan glanced at the elderly president and implored her to help.

    President Cheng grinned affectionately and stretched her hands to take the black cat. "These two fellows are still so hostile to each other."

    Lin Yan sighed. "Yeah..."

    She scratched her head before she turned to the President. "President Cheng, it has been so long..."

    Years had gone by, and she had never imagined that she would meet President Cheng under such circumstances.

    "Young lass, why didn't you tell me so much has happened?" President Cheng's eyes had turned red. There were too many people around, so she could only touch Lin Yan's head and grumble. Her heart ached so much for this pitiful girl.

    She finally understood why the black cat had kept trying to get off the stage.

    Lin Yan mumbled awkwardly, "It's nothing serious. I didn't want to trouble you."

    The director had no other solution to this fiasco. Since everything had already happened, he allowed the live telecast to continue.

    He had noticed the ratings of the event and couldn't bear to end it...

    Everyone, including the fans online, had witnessed the way Lin Yan had managed to tame the animals in seconds.

    Lin Shuya, who had claimed to be the founder of Angel's Shelter and said she had personally taken care of the animals, just stood there helplessly.

    Only a blind person wouldn't know what was happening after witnessing this with their own eyes...

    Lin Yan was the one who had given the money and invested effort.

    What Lin Shuya had done was merely take advantage of Angel's Shelter after it had become a success. She had used it to build her persona and gain popularity.

    Humans could lie but animals wouldn't.

    The animals' reactions had proven everything.
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