762 Flooded With Regre

    'Ha ha ha! Did you hear the names of the dogs and cats? Euros, Pounds, and Wealth... Lin Yan is so hilarious!'

    'It's really Lin Yan. Now, there is no doubt that she set up Angel's Shelter! It truly belongs to her!'

    'Do you all recall that someone mentioned that the black cat is feisty and fierce? It became so docile when Lin Yan picked it up!'

    'It's not about the cat... It's about the person!'

    'Let's see if any of Lin Shuya's fans will continue to defend her. She is truly an unscrupulous thief who steals whatever she wants!'

    'Is that your angel? Hell seems empty now that Shuya isn't there!'


    The person who felt the most regret had to be Director Sun of the pet product company.

    All he wanted to do was punch himself unconscious.

    Another director, who sat beside Director Sun, grinned smugly at him. "I heard that the person you had in mind initially was Lin Yan? In the end, you paid three times more to replace her with Lin Shuya?"

    Director Sun gnashed his teeth bitterly with a stony, cold expression.

    The director trudged on happily. "I wanted to work with Lin Shuya too, but you were much faster than me... How fortunate for me..."

    Director Sun bit his lip and almost died of anger.

    He had been feeling superior because he had replaced Lin Yan with Lin Shuya.

    Then, his world had come crashing down minutes later. Lin Shuya had fallen to the depths of hell and had been proven to be a liar.

    Lin Yan, whom he had abandoned, was the founder of Angel's Shelter...

    He had hired a fraud to be his ambassador. Who would dare buy his products in the future?

    Director Sun grimaced as regret flooded him.

    Oh, god! What had he done?

    If only...

    If only he hadn't changed his mind and insisted on a replacement, the earlier scene would have been a free grand advertisement for his products!

    However, everything had been ruined. Totally ruined...

    Many people had noticed the flower petals and balloons and began to talk.

    'What is happening in the hall? Why are there flower petals and balloons?'

    'According to internal sources, Han Yixuan had planned to propose tonight. Now, it seems that his plan has been aborted!'

    'Wow, are you kidding? If he went ahead with his proposal, it would be true love indeed!'


    If Han Yixuan stepped out to defend Lin Shuya or speak up for her, perhaps she wouldn't be in such a dire state.

    Obviously, Han Yixuan had no intention of doing so.

    The music was cut off instantly. Naturally, no surprise followed.

    Lin Shuya stood rooted to the spot as the petals and balloons floated in the air. She stared at Lin Yan and the animals around her.

    Her last chance was gone.

    Han Yixuan hadn't appeared...

    Lin Yan!

    Lin Yan! How dare you!

    She would never let her off!

    Lin Shuya turned to signal to someone in the crowd. The other person nodded to express his acknowledgment.

    Lin Yan was helping the staff members put the animals back in the cages when a bottle suddenly came flying forcefully through the air toward her...

    Fortunately, Lin Yan was alert and avoided the bottle agilely. The bottle missed and flew past her head.
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