763 Everyone Will Go To Hell As Well

    A young girl in a yellow dress pointed at Lin Yan and yelled heatedly. "What sort of founder are you? So what if you're the founder of Angel's Shelter? This doesn't change the fact that you're an immoral, indecent b*tch!"

    Cheng Jingqiu listened quietly to the girl with a crease between her eyebrows.

    Cheng Jingqiu was about to speak when Lin Yan grabbed her elbow gently. She gave her a reassuring look before she turned to the girl calmly. In an unhurried manner, she asked, "What do you mean? I'll be happy to hear the details."

    Naturally, Lin Shuya wouldn't let her off the hook so easily.

    She was curious about the tricks Lin Shuya had up her sleeve. Her reputation had already been besmirched in so many ways by her. Would she have any fresh ideas?

    The girl in yellow sneered coldly. "You still have the audacity to ask? You have been disqualified from the charity angel vote. They also rendered your invitation invalid. Why don't you tell everyone how you managed to get in? You're also sitting in the first row by using a VIP invitation."

    The girl was accusing Lin Yan of resorting to unscrupulous methods.

    The girl's voice rang out clearly. "Even though it has been proven that you're the founder of Angel's Shelter, your disqualification and invalid invitation are also facts. Talk about impartiality! It's evident that Lin Yan has broken the rules with that VIP invitation."

    This matter could be serious.

    Lin Shuya stood there, looking somber as she gazed at the girl in yellow silently.

    She wanted to see how Lin Yan would explain.

    The first thought that hit her was that President Cheng had gotten the invitation for her. However, Angel's Shelter was merely an organization that was popular among the public. The qualified people who were sitting in the first row were top management officials from authorized professional charity foundations, including directors and presidents.

    She only qualified for a VIP seat due to her status as charity angel of the year. What right did Lin Yan have to be there?

    If Cheng Jingqiu had used her connections to help, then she would drag her into this mess too.

    Not even Cheng Jingqiu could have the right to grant Lin Yan that VIP seat.

    If she could somehow get Cheng Jingqiu into trouble, that would be ideal...

    She also suspected Lin Yan's relationship with Qiao Zhiru. Otherwise, why would Qiao Zhiru be so polite and courteous to Lin Yan?

    If she was going to hell, everyone else would have to go down with her!

    The girl surveyed Lin Yan and Qiao Zhiru in amusement. "Miss Lin Yan, you seem to be close to the Vice President of Darling's Home Charity Foundation. Your relationship should be rather intimate... Are the two of you having an affair?"

    Qiao Zhiru nearly spat out in horror and shock.

    F*ck! Girl, you can eat anything you want, but you can't say whatever you like!

    Head Secretary Liu was perspiring anxiously. To think that there would be rumors of their beloved President having an affair with the Vice President...

    Lin Yan, who had appeared nonchalant throughout the entire event, was stunned as well. This was a live telecast, and Pei Yucheng might be watching...

    Was she trying to get her killed?

    Qiao Zhiru wanted to explain but he remembered that Lin Yan didn't want anyone to know about her identity. Thus, he clammed up.

    "Why are you so quiet? Did I hit the bullseye? Weren't you arrogant earlier when you brandished that VIP invitation? Now you have turned into a coward?"
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