764 Forced to Reveal Her Identity

    "What is so shameful? Why can't you tell everyone how you got that VIP invitation?" The girl in yellow questioned her relentlessly.

    The girl, who had been hired by Lin Shuya, naturally had to spew venom into her words.

    Cheng Jingqiu could not suppress her anger. Although she didn't have an inkling how Lin Yan had gotten the VIP invitation, she was certain that Lin Yan wouldn't resort to underhanded methods.

    "Who are you to start rumors without proof? Where is your evidence?" Cheng Jingqiu retorted sharply.

    Lin Yan was aware that Cheng Jingqiu was trying to defend her. However, she was also aware that Lin Shuya would only use that to her advantage. She was about to speak up when her phone vibrated violently.

    She had received WeChat messages from Pei Yutang.

    'Ahhh! Sister-in-law! What the heck is going on? Are you having an affair with that Vice President?'

    'Sister-in-law, why aren't you replying?'

    'Sister-in-law! Are you seriously having an affair?'

    'Daddy! Father! I'm watching the live telecast with Big Brother right now! Crap!!!'

    Lin Yan was speechless!

    Damn it! What?

    Pei Yucheng was really watching the live telecast? What she had feared the most had happened!

    Seeing how quiet Lin Yan had become, the girl in yellow became more confident and continued speaking smugly. "How dare you flaunt your invitation when you have gotten it using underhanded methods? You're sitting in the first row without a hint of remorse or fear. Who are you to accuse anyone? Are you even worthy? You're the one with the worst deeds!"

    The girl in yellow smiled smugly. "Why are you not uttering a single word? Are you really sorry that you got the invitation by sleeping with someone? That's why you can't tell us?"

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Pei Yucheng was watching the show right now! How could she continue concealing her identity?

    Forget it! She had to reveal it!

    If she continued to hide the truth, a war would begin soon!

    Lin Yan glanced at the girl coldly before she let out a light chuckle. She then replied casually, "You're right. Only the leaders of charity foundations can sit in the VIP rows."

    The girl smiled victoriously and Lin Shuya curled her lips.

    "You have finally admitted it. So what do you have to say for yourself?" She snorted lightly.

    Lin Yan knew that Lin Shuya intended to drag everyone down with her, but she had to disappoint her.

    Lin Yan stroked President Cheng's cat gently before she expounded slowly. "I'm the President of Darling's Home Charity Foundation. Is there a problem if I attend the event as the President?"

    The girl in yellow was speechless...

    Lin Shuya was speechless...

    The guests were speechless...

    Pei Yutang, who was watching the live telecast, felt his jaw drop...

    Qiao Zhiru was speechless...

    Head Secretary Liu gasped. "God! Our President just revealed her identity? She admitted it personally! Am I dreaming?"

    Head Secretary Liu squeezed Qiao Zhiru's hand excitedly. "Vice President, your sacrifice has not been in vain!"

    Qiao Zhiru muttered, "Can we finally flaunt our President?"

    Other than Qiao Zhiru and Head Secretary Liu, everyone else fell silent, feeling stunned and shocked...

    What had Lin Yan said?

    She was the President?

    She was the President of Darling's Home Charity Foundation?
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