765 They Were Finally Able to Flaunt Their Presiden

    Even Cheng Jingqiu was taken aback.

    She was confident that Lin Yan had not used any connections, but it had never occurred to her that she would be the President of Darling's Home Charity Foundation.

    Cheng Jingqiu gasped as she asked, "Xiaolin is the President of Darling's Home?"

    Cheng Min was also surprised. "I had no idea either. The President of Darling's Home has been very low-key. Only the Vice President and Head Secretary Liu knew about her identity. However, the President was capable and accomplished several achievements. That was why I have consented to her being anonymous."

    Cheng Jingqiu replied, "So Xiaolin knew Qiao Zhiru because she is their President? That would explain everything..."

    The girl in yellow listened to Cheng Jingqiu and Cheng Min's conversation, looking pale with shock. This truth was too shocking. How could anyone believe it? How could Lin Yan be the President of a foundation?

    Instinctively, she fought back. "What a joke! Do you think everyone will believe you just because you claim to be President? Lin Yan, you must have gone mad while trying to win the title of the charity angel! You even tried to spin atrocious lies!"

    Lin Shuya wanted to stop the girl in yellow from talking, but alas, it was too late.

    She knew that Lin Yan had spoken the truth the moment she had opened her mouth. Lin Yan wouldn't dare lie in public...

    Lin Yan... She was...

    That was why Qiao Zhiru was so polite and courteous to her. He even sounded respectful...

    How could that be?

    How could Lin Yan be the President of Darling's Home? She'd had no idea whatsoever...

    After the girl's accusation, Vice President Qiao Zhiru and the Head Secretary adjusted their ties, looking important and solemn. Then, they went up to the stage with big strides.

    Qiao Zhiru bowed before Lin Yan and said, "President, I'm sorry for not managing this properly. I've caused you to be criticized."

    Lin Yan nodded and replied, "This had nothing to do with you."

    Qiao Zhiru glanced at the girl in yellow with a sharp glint in his eyes. "Lady, I'm the Vice President of Darling's Home Charity Foundation. I can assure you that Miss Lin Yan is the President of Darling's Home. This is a solid fact.

    You've accused and slandered our President in public. On behalf of the foundation, we reserve the right to seek legal responsibility."

    Everyone's disbelief dissipated the moment Vice President Qiao Zhiru had stood up to speak.

    There was no way he would lie to everyone, including Cheng Jingqiu and Cheng Min.

    Head Secretary Liu interjected swiftly. "Miss, I'm the Head Secretary of Darling's Home and the head of Public Relations. You've expressed your concerns regarding the relationship between our President and Vice President. Now that we've cleared the air, it is obvious that their relationship is that of a superior and a subordinate.

    "I would like to use this opportunity to explain this to everyone. It would save money if we didn't have to hold a press conference."

    Head Secretary Liu organized his thoughts before making a speech. "I previously informed the President about tonight's event. She is very private, so she has never attended any events before. The Vice President would usually attend them on her behalf. As usual, the President declined the invitation we had acquired for her."
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