766 Our President Is In Rome

    "Regardless of whether the President is attending an event or not, I will still give her the invitation.

    It's a live telecast today and we have many guests here. I believe that everyone is aware of the unfortunate incident that happened earlier. Our President had to use the VIP invitation because the management rendered her invitation invalid. They didn't inform her in advance and the staff even used violence against her assistant. If the lady over there hadn't been so aggressive, the President wouldn't have revealed her identity."

    As Head Secretary Liu stared at the girl in yellow, his face hardened. "Besides being Angel's Shelter's founder, Miss Lin Yan is also President of Darling's Home. She doesn't need to enter any kind of contest and she certainly does not need to buy any votes.

    If someone is already in Rome, there is no need for her to make a tedious journey to travel there. It's absolutely redundant. That lady has been distorting the truth deliberately with no evidence. She is slandering our President. Why would she do that?"

    Head Secretary Liu, who was also in charge of public relations, delivered his speech fluently, successfully silencing that girl and Lin Shuya's fans.

    As for the people who were on the fence, they were all shocked.

    'F*ck! F*ck! Initially, I thought it was astounding enough to discover that Lin Yan is the founder of Angel's Shelter. Why would something so shocking happen?'

    Someone who was more familiar with charity foundations commented, 'Darling's Home is a foundation that helps families locate their lost or abducted children. It is one of the biggest charity foundations in the country. After the previous president retired, they were not able to find someone suitable to take over his position.

    A few years ago, it seems that a capable person helped the foundation in many ways. Because of her capability and brains, she became President but chose to remain anonymous. Who would have imagined that the president would turn out to be the heavily-criticized Lin Yan? This is so miraculous!'

    'Do you guys remember a comment made earlier? There is one way for Lin Yan to clear her name.'

    'I remember! That person said that Lin Yan would have to contribute generously to charity for years, devote her life to doing good, and not want fame or money!'

    'Dear me! Who was that prophet? He or she has hit the jackpot!'

    Lin Yan's fans were all dumbfounded.

    'My god... We have been fans of hers for so long, but this is the first time we realize that our beloved idol has been so generous, charitable, noble, and selfless! She has concealed her identity and chosen to devote her life to charity! Have we loved a fake idol? Or have we all failed as fans?'

    'Am I the only one who paid attention to Head Secretary Liu's words? He is so hilarious! He wanted to save on the costs of having a press conference! He has truly been influenced by our dear Sister Yan. His funniest remark was that Sister Yan is already in Rome. How witty and clever is he?'

    'Exactly! Why would Lin Yan enter some charity angel contest? Evidently, someone has set Lin Yan up with those votes! How despicable and cunning! That person lied to everyone!'
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