767 Darling, Rest Early, Goodnigh

    Since the staff of the top management had cleared the air about Lin Yan, no one would suspect Lin Yan of being the president of Darling's Home.

    The girl in yellow finally realized that something was amiss and glanced at Lin Shuya in panic.

    Lin Shuya was enraged that the girl would be so obvious as to try to seek her help. She hastily stepped backward to hide behind Gu Xinhan and block the girl's gaze.

    She hadn't thought her plan would backfire on her or that Lin Yan would clear her name instead.

    The girl in yellow noticed that Lin Shuya planned to ignore her and decided to flee. However, Head Secretary Liu had already gotten someone to keep an eye on her. Before she could make a move, the security guards went up to her.

    Several staff members were having a heated discussion backstage.

    "Wow! She is so damn cool! I have always thought that Lin Yan was conniving and corrupt! To think that she would have such a big heart!"

    "Yeah! Who would have thought that a miser like her would scrimp and save to donate to charity?"

    "Everyone claims that Lin Shuya is kind and beautiful. Her PR team has done a wonderful job of publicizing her good deeds. However, those who truly do good deeds never intentionally broadcast what they have done. They certainly wouldn't enter some contest to be elected as a charity angel..."

    "Duoduo! Sister Duoduo! We want Sister Yan's autograph!"

    "Me too! I want one as well!"

    Duoduo was suddenly besieged by a horde of staff members, which shocked her. She muttered stiffly, "I... I... I thought Sister Yan was lying... She wasn't..."

    She had merely assumed that Lin Yan was bluffing or boasting. How could she know that she was telling the truth?

    When she recalled, she realized that every time Lin Yan had boasted about something, it had... come true.

    She had boasted that she would become the top person in sales in three months. Next, she had said that she would take them all over to Summit Entertainment. This time...

    This event had completely blown her off her feet.

    Both hosts received a signal from the director to move along with the show. Hence, they had no choice but to put on forced smiles and carry on.

    The female host turned to Lin Yan with a tiny smile. "So everything was a misunderstanding... It's good that we have cleared the air. No one expected that Miss Lin Yan would do so much for charity. I would like to express my deepest respect for you, Miss Lin. I wonder if you have something to say to the audience and guests?"

    Lin Yan pondered this briefly before she said, "Nothing specific. I just wanted to do what I like. There are many others who have paved the way. I'm merely an insignificant speck compared..."

    Lin Yan suddenly gazed in the direction of the cameras. Her eyes seemed to be searching for something through the lens.

    The girl, who had been calm and composed all night, suddenly coughed softly. Her expression turned awkward as she raised her eyes once more. She then said gently, "One last thing. It's getting late. Darling, go rest early. Goodnight."

    Was she talking to her fans?

    Lin Yan's fans began to clamor online after they heard her.
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