768 Pelting Everyone With Affection

    Chapter 768: Pelting Everyone With Affection

    ‘Awww! Sister Yan is bidding all her fans goodnight! How blissful!’

    ‘Sister Yan, I heard you!’

    ‘Sisters! Ladies! Calm down. Am I the only one who feels that Sister Yan isn’t saying that to us? It seems as though she is addressing her boyfriend. If she was speaking to us, she would have said ‘darlings’… Instead, she used singular.’

    ‘Nonsense! Sister Yan doesn’t have a boyfriend! Sister Yan is saying that to us! Haters, get lost! Don’t slander Sister Yan!’


    Meanwhile, at Cloud Manor…

    The three brothers were sitting in the living room.

    Pei Nanxu had gotten home in the middle of the live telecast. When he’d seen Pei Yucheng and Pei Yutang watching, he had decided to join them. Soon, he had seen the girl in yellow accuse Lin Yan of having an affair with the Vice President.

    Why would he choose to come back now? Pei Nanxu was stabbed by regret.

    Soon, he felt even more… regret.

    Lin Yan had proven her innocence and then… pelted him and Pei Yutang with affectionate words…

    After hearing Lin Yan say ‘Darling, goodnight’, Pei Nanxu was left speechless…

    Pei Yutang was also speechless…

    He eyed the huge screen in front of him before he stole a stealthy glance at his brother. “Big Brother, Sister-In-Law is talking to you.”

    Pei Nanxu coughed to clear his throat. “I think so too.”

    He had informed Lin Yan about Big Brother’s health so that she would remind him to rest early every night.

    She wasn’t home today, so she had urged him to rest early via a live telecast… It seemed to be a good idea.

    Pei Yucheng was wearing a sleeping robe as he lounged on the couch. The aloofness in the eyes behind his gold-framed spectacles had vanished.

    Pei Yucheng glanced askew at his brothers. “Is there an issue?”

    Pei Yutang burst out indignantly. “Your relationship is supposed to be a secret, but she displayed affection for you while everyone was watching! This is too much! And to think we were so worried earlier… Our worries were in vain…”


    On the stage…

    One of the actresses who was peering at the screen behind them suddenly yelled in surprise. “Wow! Lin Yan… Lin Yan’s votes…”

    Everyone turned back instinctively when they heard her. Lin Yan’s votes had started shooting upward at a ferocious speed. She was now second, trailing behind Lin Shuya by merely thousands of votes.

    In a span of seconds, Lin Yan’s votes surged ahead and she landed in first place.

    “Wow, this is simply amazing. She surpassed Lin Shuya in minutes…”

    “It’s a miracle!”

    Lin Yan’s votes had broken all previous records.

    However, this was hardly surprising. The show was telecast nationwide and the general public would naturally vote aggressively for her after witnessing what had happened. Many people had deserted Lin Shuya to vote for Lin Yan.

    The fans, who felt betrayed and cheated, were enraged. They voted for Lin Yan to vent their anger and sent her straight to the top.

    Lin Yan didn’t even covet victory despite the intense fight between the other contestants.

    All the fans online watched in shock as Lin Yan ended up winning.

    ‘Who is well-deserving now? Lin Shuya’s fans can learn from this.’

    ‘But Lin Yan probably doesn’t even care.’

    ‘No wonder Lin Yan mentioned that she really didn’t need to buy votes. There was no need…’
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