769 Unable to Accep

    Chapter 769: Unable to Accept

    Lin Shuya stood bitterly in the corner as everything she had once had crumbled to ashes. Lin Yan had taken everything from her. She was stiff and her expression was so murderous that she could hardly conceal it. Fortunately, everyone’s attention was on Lin Yan right now and no one noticed her.

    She had no idea how the event ended, except for the painful fact that the limelight had landed on Lin Yan.

    Meanwhile, backstage…

    The props and items that Han Yixuan had prepared for the proposal had ended up being redundant. He got the staff to tear down and thrash everything, so the scene seemed to be a complete mess.

    When Lin Shuya walked unsteadily to the backstage area, this disorderly scene greeted her eyes.

    Han Yixuan sat with his back facing her in a dim corner.

    Lin Shuya had never felt so anxious and panicky before. She strode carefully toward Han Yixuan. “Brother Yixuan…”

    Han Yixuan did not react.

    Lin Shuya took another cautious step. “Brother Yixuan. Say something… I’m so scared…”

    Han Yixuan flicked the cigarette in his hand away and turned around. He regarded the girl’s face with contempt. “Are they telling the truth?”

    Lin Shuya shook her head desperately. “Listen to me first. It’s not like that…”

    Han Yixuan was clearly disappointed. “You did not establish Angel’s Shelter. Why did you lie? You also lied to me!”

    Years ago, he had promised Lin Yan to take care of Lin Shuya. Back then, Lin Shuya would often pester him to take her out.

    He had pitied her because she had seemed lonely. Thus, despite his hectic schedule, he hadn’t turned her down. Instead, he had made time for her.

    Lin Shuya had taken him to Angel’s Shelter to take care of the animals.

    Every time he had been with her, he had felt comfortable and happy.

    Lin Shuya had told him that she was managing the shelter at the time. She had also said that she was doing part-time jobs to earn money so that she could use it to save more animals.

    He hadn’t returned to his family, and his life was a mess. However, Lin Shuya had never left him.

    He had always liked girls who were gentle, kind, and were fond of animals.

    However, after he’d started having a relationship with Lin Yan, he had realized that Lin Yan was a careless, thoughtless girl. She wasn’t gentle or thoughtful. Thus, Lin Shuya’s gentleness and kindness had melted him bit by bit.

    Lin Shuya was a pure, innocent angel in his eyes.

    However, the truth was out. Lin Shuya hadn’t forked out that money. She had also pretended to love those animals…

    Han Yixuan couldn’t accept the truth…

    As Lin Shuya studied Han Yixuan’s expression, she panicked. She pulled at Han Yixuan’s hand and sobbed. “Brother Yixuan, don’t say that. Why would I lie to you? I didn’t! I never told you that I established Angel’s Shelter. I only said that I was managing it.

    Even though Angel’s Shelter belongs to my sister, you know that she wasn’t physically there. She got me to manage Angel’s Shelter and I really did help. She gave her money, but I also contributed to Angel’s Shelter. The company decided to use those donation records for publicity. I didn’t suggest it…

    “They… No one wants to listen to my explanation…”

    Lin Shuya was sobbing hard and she seemed to have difficulty breathing. “Brother Yixuan, please believe me, alright? I’m telling the truth…”

    When he saw how sad and pitiful she looked, Han Yixuan’s anger melted. “Don’t cry…”
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