770 Why Did I Fall For You At First Sight?

    Chapter 770: Why Did I Fall For You At First Sight?

    Han Yixuan wanted to believe her, but the seeds of doubt had sprouted inside of him so it was difficult to stop his thoughts…

    Perhaps Lin Shuya had indeed taken care of the strays and also donated money.

    However, did she really do that even when he wasn’t around?

    When the animals had run amok on stage, she had seemed helpless and intimidated as she’d tried to approach them.

    Lin Yan, on the other hand…

    Han Yixuan inhaled deeply. “Shuya, I have no idea what the truth is anymore. Let me calm down first, alright?”

    This was the first time Han Yixuan hadn’t softened despite seeing Lin Shuya’s tears. He had pushed her away.

    “Brother Yixuan! Brother Yixuan!”

    She had never expected Han Yixuan to push her away. Lin Shuya, who had never failed to convince Han Yixuan, eyed him with anger and malice in her eyes as he marched away.

    Everything she had sown with so much effort and time had been destroyed.

    “Lin Yan! It’s all because of you! I will never let you off!”


    Han Yixuan’s head was pounding, and all he wanted to do was find a quiet spot.

    Lin Shuya’s lies had angered him. In addition, he had lost his pride.

    He had been planning to propose to her. After today’s fiasco, he had become a laughing stock.

    Han Yixuan tugged his tie irritably away from his neck. As he turned a corner, he bumped into Lin Yan.

    Han Yixuan froze instantly when he caught sight of her. “Xiaoyan…”

    Lin Yan raised her eyebrows as she noticed how disheveled and distraught he looked. However, she had no intention of talking to him so she merely strode past him.

    Han Yixuan quickly caught up with her and made her stop. “Xiaoyan, hold on!”

    Lin Yan had no choice but to stop. “Young Master Han, what’s the matter?”

    “I…” Han Yixuan had no idea what he should say to her at that moment.

    Lin Yan glanced at her watch impatiently. “Sorry, I’m in a rush.”

    Han Yixuan then hastily replied, “Xiaoyan, I just need a few minutes of your time. I need to talk to you.”

    Everything that had happened that day had surprised him.

    He realized that, despite dating her for so long, it seemed as if he had never understood her.

    Han Yixuan massaged his temples as he reminisced about their past. He then gazed at the familiar girl, who felt like a stranger at the same time. “Xiaoyan, do you know why… I fell for you at first sight?”

    Lin Yan looked as though she had no wish to discuss this with her ex-boyfriend. “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

    Han Yixuan knew that Lin Yan would reply so indifferently. Helpless, he said, “Xiaoyan, I fell for you because I once saw you helping an injured kitten by the roadside after school.

    I didn’t dare muster the courage to confess my love to you until graduation. I have always regretted that.

    Then, we met once again abroad. I never thought that I would have the chance to meet you again. That was why I couldn’t stop myself from confessing my love for you. To my surprise, you accepted it. I was really happy because it felt as if my dream had come true.”

    Han Yixuan carried on without a change in his expression. “However, after we started dating, I began to realize that you were different from the way I remembered. You’re too strong and forceful… too practical…”
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