771 The First Time I Meet A Jerk Like You

    Chapter 771: The First Time I Meet A Jerk Like You

    Lin Yan smirked. “Are you trying to say that I’m obsessed with money and I’m too vulgar?”

    If she was compared to Lin Shuya, who was well-mannered, gentle, well-educated, and accomplished in arts, she would naturally seem money-oriented and vulgar.

    Han Yixuan looked awkward. “At the time, I had no idea you spent all your money on charity… I thought you…”

    Lin Yan had seemed to be obsessed with earning money, while Lin Shuya had scrimped and saved to help strays. She had also bought a tie as a gift for him. How could he not fall for Lin Shuya?

    Besides, Lin Yan hadn’t even graduated from high school and had worked for a car team. Lin Shuya came from a wealthy family and was a university student…

    Han Yixuan seemed to have found a reasonable explanation. Thus, he added, “Besides, this wasn’t just my fault. Xiaoyan, you spent all your effort and time on work and you were really cold to me. You differed so much from the warm, gentle girl in my memories. I’m a man. Of course, I would feel disappointed…”

    Lin Yan snorted with contempt when she heard him.

    She was different from his memories of her?

    Lin Yan replied nonchalantly, “Young Master Han, you’re truly pampered and you indeed lead a sheltered life. I’m so sorry for being so different from the memories you had of me.”

    When Han Yixuan had first gotten to know her, she had been young, carefree, and innocent. She hadn’t been plagued by worries.

    After Lin Shuya had fallen ill, she’d had to shoulder all the burden. She had given up on the opportunity to go to university and gone abroad to work. She had been forced to endure hellish, tough training and risked her life to earn money.

    How could he still expect her to be pure and innocent?

    Lin Shuya knew how to manipulate a man and had deliberately seduced Han Yixuan. Of course, she had succeeded effortlessly.

    Besides, Lin Shuya was indeed carefree and innocent. She had never had to experience hardships in life and naturally didn’t even have to pretend.

    Lin Yan had suffered all the hardships on behalf of Lin Shuya.

    However, Lin Shuya had stabbed her in the back…

    Lin Yan suddenly thought of Pei Yucheng for no apparent reason.

    When she had first begun to date Pei Yucheng, she had also been busy earning money. They had hardly spent any time together.

    However, Pei Yucheng had never once grumbled. He was understanding and he had always respected and cared for her in his own way.

    Although Lin Yan didn’t really care anymore, she still felt a pang of dull pain in her heart as she gazed at Han Yixuan. She waved her hands to conclude their conversation and decided to leave.

    “Xiaoyan…” Han Yixuan called out to her.

    Suddenly, a swift figure dashed out of the corner to stop Han Yixuan. “Young Master Han, please act appropriately.”

    “Xiaoyue, what are you doing here?” Lin Yan saw Ling Yue and her expression softened.

    Ling Yue blinked and grinned at Lin Yan. “Sister Yan, you can leave first. Let me take care of the rest.”

    “Alright, I’ll wait for you backstage,” Lin Yan replied casually and left.

    “Go away!” Han Yixuan shouted at Ling Yue, who had blocked his path.

    Ling Yue sneered softly as she appraised Han Yixuan. “Young Master Han, I’ve met many sly and cunning people, but none of them can be compared to Lin Shuya. I’ve also met many jerks, but it’s the first time I meet a jerk like you.

    Without Sister Yan, would Lin Shuya have been able to lead such a good life and be so innocent and pure? That reminds me. Without Sister Yan, she wouldn’t have been alive in the first place.”
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