772 She Has a Boyfriend?

    Chapter 772: She Has a Boyfriend?

    Ling Yue’s expression resembled someone who had just witnessed something immoral. “As for you… As Sister Yan’s boyfriend, you were well aware that Sister Yan had given up on her studies to earn money for Lin Shuya’s surgery. That was the reason money was so important to her.

    You didn’t spare a thought for her, neither did you comfort her. You constantly grumbled that she was too overbearing and cared only about money. You had an affair behind her back and the duty of taking care of her sister resulted in both of you tumbling into bed.”

    Ling Yue was torn between fury and mirth. “If you want to talk about who is in the wrong, then Sister Yan has indeed done something wrong as well. She was blind enough to fall for a jerk like you.”

    “You…” Han Yixuan hissed menacingly as anger and shame consumed him.

    Ling Yue grinned slightly and patted Han Yixuan’s shoulders. “Oh, that reminds me. Young Master Han, don’t worry. My beloved Sister Yan has fixed her eyesight and made a complete recovery. You may carry on being blind.”

    To think a man would forsake a racing legend and goddess like Yeva for a conniving girl like Lin Shuya! That was simply preposterous.

    Han Yixuan was stumped for words, and his expression was bitter and furious. Suddenly, a glint of suspicion sparked in his eyes as he contemplated something.

    What did the girl mean?

    She had fixed her eyesight and made a full recovery… Had Lin Yan gotten a new boyfriend?

    That was impossible…

    Lin Yan had seemed so heartbroken when they’d broken up. She hadn’t been able to forget him until now. How could she have fallen for someone else in such a short time?

    Besides, his identity and status had changed.

    At the thought of this, Han Yixuan’s confidence returned.

    Outside the hall…

    Lin Shuya and her manager were trapped by a group of reporters.

    “Miss Lin Shuya, what do you have to say about Angel’s Shelter?”

    “Miss Lin Shuya, do you admit to doctoring the donation records?”

    “Miss Lin Shuya, despite knowing that Lin Yan was the rightful founder, you continued to manipulate the public so that they would hate Lin Yan. Why did you do that?”

    Only when the bodyguards arrived did Lin Shuya make it safely to her car.

    Her manager replied stiffly before closing the door quickly. “We have nothing to say right now. We will hold a press conference to clarify this soon.”


    Lin Yan was removing her makeup in the makeup room.

    Ling Yue sauntered back, looking smug and pleased after lecturing Han Yixuan.

    “Sister Yan! I watched the entire telecast. Everyone said that it didn’t seem as if you were wishing your fans goodnight. Who were you addressing then?”

    Lin Yan almost spilled the bottle in her hand. Upon steadying herself, she replied, “Of course I wished my fans goodnight. Who else could I have been addressing?”

    Ling Yue teased her. “Seems like the fans were right. There is a specific person in your life. Xing Chen kept saying that you were a thoughtless person and often mocked you. I didn’t imagine that you would do something so sweet!”

    Lin Yan coughed to ease the awkwardness. She didn’t deny it any longer. “Of course I would dote on my boyfriend.”

    She had reflected just now and realized she hadn’t been a good girlfriend at all.

    Although she hadn’t been willing to be with Pei Yucheng in the first place, she couldn’t just shirk responsibility…

    Ling Yue shuddered as though she had been pelted with her sweet words.

    However, she really liked Lin Yan’s forthright attitude. “Sister Yan, I heard that Lin Shuya tried to poach your staff some time ago.”

    “She wanted to poach my staff?” Lin Yan glanced at her.
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