773 Strengthening Their Hearts

    Chapter 773: Strengthening Their Hearts

    “She met your manager and assistant, but they didn’t accept her offer. It’s not easy to reject an offer under such circumstances, so both of them can be trusted,” said Ling Yue.

    Lin Yan was touched. “Duoduo and Sister Ling treat me really well.”

    She wasn’t surprised that Lin Shuya had tried to poach them, as this was one of her usual methods.

    She could guess that she must have offered the two of them attractive terms. Thus, she wouldn’t have blamed Duoduo and Sister Ling even if they had decided to accept the offer.

    She hadn’t expected them to reject it.

    Duoduo’s voice disrupted her thoughts. “Sister Yan, are you done? Can I come in?”

    Ling Yue bid Lin Yan goodbye. “Sister Yan, I shall take my leave.”

    “Okay.” Lin Yan turned to the door. “Come in.”

    Duoduo pushed the door and brushed past Ling Yue. She surveyed her with a quizzical glance before asking, “Sister Yan, who is she?”

    Lin Yan coughed softly. “She is my friend.”

    She couldn’t possibly confess that Ling Yue was the ex-boss of Summit Entertainment…

    Duoduo didn’t dwell too much on this, as she was still too caught up in the events of that day. She studied Lin Yan apprehensively, “Sister Yan… Are you really the founder of Angel’s Shelter and the President of Darling’s Home? You… Why didn’t you give me time to absorb the truth? You frightened the wits out of me!”

    Lin Yan peered at the girl, who seemed shocked. “I did give you time. Didn’t I tell you in advance?”

    Duoduo was speechless. How could that count?

    Who would have believed her?

    Duoduo muttered indignantly, “Even your fans are complaining that their idol is fake…”

    She could understand how the fans felt, as she shared the feeling.

    Lin Yan grinned while mirth danced in her eyes. “Seems like my fans need to train and strengthen their hearts.”

    Duoduo looked bewildered. “Strengthen? Do you still have more startling truths you are hiding from us?”

    Lin Yan coughed softly as she thought to herself.

    The truth couldn’t be revealed…

    Someone knocked cautiously on the door. The person in charge of the event had brought a staff member along with him. That staff member was the girl who had denied Lin Yan access at the reception.

    “President Lin…” The person in charge stood before Lin Yan, looking apologetic. “President Lin, I’m terribly sorry. It’s our fault that we didn’t investigate the matter thoroughly before acting on it. We regret disqualifying you as a candidate for the charity angel vote. Sorry for causing you trouble.”

    The person in charge hurriedly added, “Of course, I understand that you would never care about such trivial stuff. However, this is indeed the management’s folly.”

    He seemed sincere and earnest. Therefore, Lin Yan didn’t intend to make things difficult for him. “It’s fine. After all, no one knows about it.”

    The person in charge heaved a sigh of relief, as he had been expecting Lin Yan to throw a tantrum. There were widespread rumors that she was exceedingly difficult to deal with. Who knew that she would be so understanding?

    Rumors should never be trusted!

    “Thank you so much, President Lin. You’re very understanding and kind,” the person in charge said gratefully before he cast a chiding look at the girl. “Why aren’t you apologizing to President Lin?”
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