774 Its the Greatest Bliss In Life To Have a Wife And Children

    Chapter 774: It’s the Greatest Bliss In Life To Have a Wife And Children

    The staff member hurried forward, looking jittery and guilty. “President Lin, I’m sorry. My attitude was bad earlier on, and I shot my mouth off. Please forgive me and forget my rash actions.”

    Lin Yan glanced at her. “You don’t have to apologize to me. You should apologize to my assistant.”

    The staff member whirled around. “Miss, I’m so sorry. I’m truly sorry.”

    Duoduo was taken aback when Lin Yan got the staff member to apologize to her. “Forget it. It’s just a scratch.”

    The person in charge and the staff member apologized humbly once more before taking their leave.

    After they left, Duoduo glanced awkwardly at Lin Yan. “Thank you, Sister Yan.”

    Lin Yan chuckled before she replied, “Darling, I’m not used to seeing you so obedient! Did you lose your mean tongue all of a sudden?”

    Duoduo stomped her feet in embarrassment. “I don’t have a mean tongue!”

    Lin Yan said, “Yeah, yeah. You are not mean at all…”

    Fuming, Duoduo said, “Oh, right. Ever since the event, Director Sun has been calling Sister Ling non-stop. Sister Ling wants me to ask you first.”

    Lin Yan replied without any hesitation, “Is there a need to ask me?”

    Duoduo nodded and replied, “Got it. I will notify Sister Ling. After all, there are so many other pet products on the market. Given your current fame, we have better choices. He should continue to swim in regret.”


    After the event, Lin Yan went back to Cloud Manor.

    The lights and the television in the living room were still on.

    The telecast was over, and an entertainment channel was broadcasting the highlights of the event.

    The most shocking thing was that the protagonist was a celebrity who was known to be vile, greedy, and scheming. In the blink of an eye, she had transformed into a selfless, upright person who had devoted her life to charity. In addition, she had chosen to remain anonymous and had never felt any desire to seek fame. The news had truly been… explosive.

    Furthermore, this was the first ugly scandal that Lin Shuya, who had been widely known as the national angel, had been caught in. The public and her fans were outraged by her lies.

    “Sister-in-law! You’re finally home!”

    Pei Yutang yelled in delight at the sight of Lin Yan. “Dear god. I don’t feel fine after watching the telecast. Did I choose a fake daddy?”

    The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched silently.

    What fake daddy?

    Pei Nanxu grinned in response. “President Chu has been nagging me for the past few days. He can finally stop now.”

    The company had been in a predicament previously when Lin Yan had been caught in this scandal. Chu Jiayao had been obliged to handle the media and public while he’d tried to protect his boss’ beloved. Frustrated, he could only grumble to Pei Nanxu about this.

    After the event, Chu Jiayao had called to express his admiration for the lady boss. He had praised her for being such a beautiful and kind woman while reiterating that he had never once doubted her…

    “Are you tired?” Pei Yucheng rose and poured a cup of tea for her to ease her fatigue.

    Lin Yan accepted the cup, feeling overwhelmed while shaking her head. “I’m not tired. It’s late. Why aren’t you resting?”

    Pei Yucheng took Lin Yan’s bag as he helped remove her jacket. “I was waiting for you.”

    After an exhausting day, it felt great to have someone waiting with a cup of hot tea. She recalled that, according to a popular saying, it was the greatest bliss in life to have a wife and children waiting for you.

    No wonder people in ancient times had said that this was the real meaning of life!
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