776 I Will Tell the Truth

    Chapter 776: I Will Tell the Truth

    He Shanshan instantly understood as she answered shrewdly, “Certainly. I will tell the truth.”

    Lin Shuya sat on the couch as she mulled over the day’s events. She had been consumed by anger, and Lin Yan was the culprit.

    After composing herself, she reckoned that this matter wouldn’t be that hard to resolve.

    Lin Yan wanted to bring her down with just a shelter she had founded. How helplessly naive she was.

    “The fans are very forgetful. What if more exciting news distracts them at this point in time?” Lin Shuya muttered.

    “What kind of exciting news do you have?” asked He Shanshan curiously.

    Lin Shuya clicked on a video on her phone and showed it to He Shanshan.

    It was a video of the earlier event. Gu Xinhan had kicked away a puppy who had gotten too close to her feet.

    There was also another video that had been taken during the shooting of the promotional campaign. Gu Xinhan had been inside the makeup room. When the director had walked away, she had thrown the kitten to the ground and said that she detested strays.

    The last video depicted Gu Xinhan torturing a cat. It was a cruel, bloody video…

    He Shanshan covered her mouth in shock. “Oh, my god! Gu Xinhan? Didn’t Gu Xinhan claim that she loves animals? How could she tell such lies? She was last year’s charity angel. If this is uploaded online, it will cause an explosion!”

    Lin Shuya was aware of the public and the fans’ fury. Gu Xinhan’s video would divert everyone’s attention.

    Compared to someone as cruel and pretentious as Gu Xinhan, her lies were considered mild.

    She had merely been under the control of her company. That was why she had used Angel’s Shelter for publicity. Besides, she had indeed helped manage Angel’s Shelter.

    “Sister Shuya, this is great! If you leak these videos, the fans and reporters will have no time to write about you!” He Shanshan quipped.

    Lin Shuya sent the videos to He Shanshan and instructed, “I will give you some contacts on Weibo. Send them these videos.”

    He Shanshan eagerly seized this chance to pander to Lin Shuya. Without hesitation, she agreed. “Sister Shuya, let me handle everything.”

    Lin Shuya smirked coldly at how eager He Shanshan looked. “When this is over, I will reward you well.”

    How could she dirty her hands with such a scandal? Naturally, He Shanshan had to be the one to do this.

    Even if this was exposed, she wouldn’t be implicated.

    He Shanshan, who was grateful, hurriedly buttered Lin Shuya up. “Sister Shuya, you graduated from the Capital City Drama and Theater School. Your daddy loves you so much. How could that brute Lin Yan be compared to you? The fans are not blind or stupid. They have merely been hoodwinked by her momentarily.”

    Lin Shuya’s expression hardened when she thought of something.

    If Lin Yan hadn’t appeared, she would have been the charity angel and the young mistress of the Han Family!

    Han Yixuan’s feelings for Lin Yan wouldn’t be rekindled after this day, right?

    No, she would never allow that to happen…

    It was that b*tch’s fault!

    She had to make Brother Yixuan understand that that woman wasn’t worthy of him!
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