777 Lin Yan Faked Her Education

    Chapter 777: Lin Yan Faked Her Education

    Lin Shuya said off-handedly, “Sister said that she has been working abroad all these years. However, she dropped out of high school. How could she have found a job then? How did she get enough money to donate to Angel’s Shelter?”

    The longer He Shanshan contemplated this, the more suspicions grew inside of her. “That’s true… How did she get so much money? Actually, my mom and I have been suspicious long before this. She must have done something shameful and despicable!”

    Lin Shuya’s surgery had required a huge amount of money, excluding the expensive hospital bills and treatment after the surgery. Lin Shuya’s meals and the things she had used had been of fine quality as well.

    A young girl like Lin Yan had no skills or education. It seemed impossible that she had earned so much money.

    Lin Shuya sighed woefully. “Sister mentioned that a racing team recruited her as a racer, but I know a little about the industry. Racing is a sport that requires huge investment. Only the wealthy and influential can afford to join a racing team.

    “Racers who don’t have money or background usually end up as substitutes unless they are exceptionally gifted. They don’t even have the opportunity to repair parts. How could she have earned any money?”

    He Shanshan muttered under her breath. “Did Lin Yan use racing as a guise to lie to everyone? Perhaps she has been doing other indecent jobs…”

    Lin Shuya shook her head quietly. “I’m not sure. Sister never told me about her work. She was afraid that Mommy would be worried about her being a racer. She even got me to lie to Mommy that she had gotten a recommendation letter from a famous school and that she was working at a multinational corporation for a high salary.

    In order to avoid making Mommy worry, I could only go along with her lies.”

    Lin Yan had indeed lied to her mother about holding a proper job at a company. However, that wasn’t a complete lie.

    At the time, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology had indeed given her a recommendation letter so she could apply for a job. In the end, she had decided to give up the opportunity.

    He Shanshan sneered in contempt. “Of course she wouldn’t tell you. How could she have the guts to say that? Lin Yan is truly a good liar. A multinational corporation? A famous school? Why didn’t she simply say that she studied at Harvard? What a joke!”

    Outraged, she told Lin Shuya, “Sister, rest assured. I will seek justice on your behalf. I will reveal her lies about her education and the indecent jobs she has held overseas. Let’s see if she can keep up the pretense.”

    Lin Shuya pretended to be hesitant. “I think we should forget about it. My sister might not treat me as family, but I…”

    He Shanshan burst out in indignation. “Sister! She has been so callous to you that there is no reason for you to be kind to her. Anyway, just leave it to me! I will definitely take care of everything!”

    The glint in Lin Shuya’s eyes vanished as she held He Shanshan’s hand. “Although she is my sister, I feel that we are even closer than sisters who share the same blood.”

    He Shanshan was delighted. “Of course! Shuya, you’re such a wonderful person. You’re talented, graceful, and gracious. Who wouldn’t like you?

    In the past, Lin Yan merely flaunted her money before me and my mom. She would give us money as though she was donating to charity. In the end, she took everything back and even stole my role! I’ve never met someone as shameless as her. She is not related to me at all. Sister Shuya, you’re my only cousin.”
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