778 She Has a Meticulous Plan

    Chapter 778: She Has a Meticulous Plan

    Lin Shuya certainly knew what He Shanshan was trying to do by pandering to her. He Shanshan was still useful to her, so she naturally wouldn’t utter a word.

    However, she was indeed worried about this moron messing things up. Lin Shuya reminded her patiently, “Shanshan, thank you for being so kind to me. However, you shouldn’t expose this matter right now. I’ve just gotten into a scandal. If you expose Lin Yan’s past a minute later, it will be too obvious.”

    “True…” He Shanshan nodded in acknowledgment. “Alright then. I shall wait for a few more days. She can continue to relish the good times for the time being.”

    He Shanshan tried to prove her devotion and loyalty. Eagerly, she quipped, “Sister Shuya, I really long to learn from you… and be in the same production as you…”

    Lin Shuya smiled as she studied her. “Shanshan, you’re so talented and willing to learn. Of course I won’t let your talent be buried. A production is about to commence filming. It’s a billion-yuan production. I’ve already recommended you to the director and suggested that you should be the second female lead.”

    He Shanshan was overjoyed. “Oh my god! A billion-yuan production? Second female lead? Sister, thank you so much!”

    Lin Shuya gripped He Shanshan’s hand. “We’re a family. You don’t have to thank me.”


    Triumph Entertainment called a press conference the second day.

    The director of the PR department attended it personally.

    “Fans, supporters of Shuya, and everyone who knows about Triumph Entertainment, we are sorry. On behalf of my company, I would like to apologize.

    Some time ago, mistakes were made in the PR scripts about Miss Lin Shuya. It was our staff members’ oversight. That’s why it has caused such a huge misunderstanding. As for Miss Lin Shuya’s manager, he has been derelict when it comes to his duties. The company has dismissed him.

    As far as the fake and vindictive accusations directed at Miss Lin Shuya are concerned, we hope that they will cease immediately. Otherwise, we will consult with our attorneys.”

    Triumph Entertainment’s clarification made its way to the top of the forums in no time.

    Lin Shuya’s fans instantly flooded the forums with comments.

    ‘Look! I knew it was the company’s fault! How could Shuya be that sort of person?’

    ‘I share the same sentiment. Shuya has never once claimed that she was the sole founder of Angel’s Shelter. Plus, she was involved in managing Angel’s Shelter as well.’

    ‘That’s not all. Shuya has never criticized Lin Yan before. She has always tried to put in a good word whenever she can. How dare they accuse Shuya of stealing Lin Yan’s fruits of labor! They even claim that Shuya deliberately slandered Lin Yan. That’s too much!’

    ‘I bet Lin Yan’s fans are delusional. Don’t they know Shuya’s background? Is there a need for her to be jealous of a lowly actress? Stop trying to blow your own trumpet!’


    In the past, Lin Shuya’s fans used to dominate the forums with their comments. However, Lin Shuya’s image had certainly taken a hard beating due to the incident.

    Despite the company’s clarification and the fans’ defense, this wasn’t enough to suppress the criticism.

    It wasn’t that bad when Triumph Entertainment first clarified the situation. Eventually, the public and Lin Yan’s fans fought back with overwhelming comments.

    ‘F*ck! She has redefined the word ‘shameless’ by using her manager as a scapegoat. By hiding behind him, she has shirked all responsibility. What a meticulous plan!’
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