779 Redirecting the Attacks

    Chapter 779: Redirecting the Attacks

    ‘Precisely. They must think that we are nitwits. She personally confessed to President Cheng during the live telecast that she is the founder of Angel’s Shelter. She stole all the credit and left out her sister Lin Yan completely.

    President Cheng even asked her if she had donated that money but she refused to answer. When President Cheng revealed the evidence, she was left with no choice but squirmed her way out, giving pathetic excuses and saying that she was only the founder. She also found a loophole and insisted that she hadn’t said that Lin Yan wasn’t the founder.

    Damn it! Is she humoring me with these excuses? Is it that difficult to confess that Lin Yan is the founder and that she has only helped manage the organization for a period of time? Is that really hard?’

    ‘She should save the effort. It’s clear to everyone that she is trying to steal the credit. How could the benefits and gains of being a founder and being the temporary person-in-charge be compared? If President Cheng hadn’t stepped in, Lin Yan would have been utterly destroyed by her. How dare she harp on about their sisterly bond?’

    ‘Lin Shuya’s fans are deranged. Yeah, Shuya is elegant and noble. Shuya is pure and perfect. If she was indeed that selfless, would she have advertised herself by using Angel’s Shelter in such a relentless and unrestrained manner? What is the damn use of education? If I recall correctly, she has been using Angel’s Shelter to promote herself ever since her debut. In comparison, Lin Yan has never mentioned Angel’s Shelter. Their moral values and character can be instantly distinguished!’

    This incident had earned Lin Yan a sizable army of fans, including passersby who defended Lin Yan.

    Triumph Entertainment’s clarification had backfired. Not only did it not achieve its objective, but it also incurred the wrath of many people.

    A scandal soon wriggled its way as it wrestled for the top trending spot and the headlines.

    It was a video of Gu Xinhan kicking a puppy.

    Criticism soon flooded that person’s post.

    Gu Xinhan’s representatives reacted instantly. They explained that Gu Xinhan had been merely shocked at that point in time and had instinctively kicked the puppy without any intended malice.

    As the attention died down pretty quickly, a second video was uploaded.

    Gu Xinhan was being dragged into the spotlight once again.

    This time, Gu Xinhan’s image was beyond salvation.

    Gu Xinhan’s company had to resort to getting Gu Xinhan to apologize personally. She admitted that she had been in a bad mood and swore to reflect and repent.

    Gu Xinhan’s company invested money and resources to suppress the mess.

    The final fatal blow was a video of her torturing a cat.

    The news exploded all over the internet.

    With Lin Shuya’s guidance, He Shanshan uploaded the videos at the perfect time.

    Within a week, Gu Xinhan’s scandals hogged the headlines and successfully diverted everyone’s attention.


    Meanwhile, at Cloud Manor…

    Lin Yan lounged lazily on the couch with her phone. Gu Xinhan’s news had flooded the forums and news, causing Gu Xinhan’s notoriety to almost eclipse hers.

    Gu Xinhan endured these attacks on Lin Yan’s behalf, and no one was attacking her anymore. Everyone was praising and complimenting her, but Lin Yan couldn’t quite get used to it.

    Ling Yue sneered coldly. “Sister Yan, your sister is indeed ruthless. Not only did she use her manager as a scapegoat, but she also made Gu Xinhan suffer these attacks. I heard that she seems to be close to Gu Xinhan.”
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