781 Friend Request Rejected

    Chapter 781: Friend Request Rejected

    Lin Yan pulled her car over to the roadside. Bored, she tapped her fingers restlessly for some time. She suddenly felt like listening to music to kill time but she soon discovered that she had no CDs.

    Lin Yan studied the interior of her ancient car. The corners of her mouth twitched at the thought of using CDs to play music.

    It quickly dawned on her that her car could already be considered a fossil. It was a miracle that she could even play music.

    Lin Yan abandoned the thought and took out her phone instead.

    She logged in to her game and soon discovered that Wang Jingyang was online. He was still waiting to play.

    Get Rich Lin typed, ‘Pup, c’mon! I’ll bring you along!’

    A notification came. ‘Riches and Honor has gone offline.’

    Lin Yan’s face darkened. What had he just done?

    Had he gone offline?

    Was that necessary?

    She had tried so hard to add Wang Jingyang back as her friend, but he still shunned her like a plague.

    Lin Yan soon noticed a new, unfamiliar player on her screen.

    Storm Master Pei.

    Who was that?

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    With a shrewd hunch, she searched for Pei Yutang’s user ID.

    Indeed, that kid was gone.

    ‘Storm Master Pei’ was online.

    Get Rich Lin asked, ‘Are you…’

    Storm Master Pei typed desperately, ‘No, no, no! You’ve gotten the wrong person! I’m not!’

    Get Rich Lin typed with irritation, ‘F*ck! Pei Yutang!’

    Storm Master Pei was desperate. ‘Ahhh! I am not him!’

    Get Rich Lin typed, ‘Are you sure?’

    Storm Master Pei was close to tears as he typed, ‘I already changed my name, but you still managed to find me… Is this fate?’

    The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched. He had left so many clues in his name by using Storm and his surname. It was as if he was afraid that no one would know that he was Pei Yutang from Storm.

    Get Rich Lin snapped. ‘Why did you change your name for no reason? Who are you afraid of?’

    Storm Master Pei replied, ‘Errr…’

    Get Rich Lin typed, ‘Why did you have to go to that extent? Can’t you just delete your friends?’

    Storm Master Pei typed in delight, ‘Yeah!’

    Get Rich Lin typed again, ‘Come on! I’ll bring you with me!’

    A notification came. ‘Message wasn’t delivered successfully, as Storm Master Pei is no longer your friend.’

    Lin Yan was speechless. F*ck!

    So that kid… was avoiding her?

    Lin Yan’s face was as black as charcoal. Wang Jingyang had gone offline, while Pei Yutang had changed his username and deleted her!

    Jerks! Were they looking down on a master like her?

    Lin Yan sent a friend request to Storm Master Pei once again.

    A notification came. ‘Storm Master Pei has rejected your friend request.’

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    Before she could continue, something tapped on her window.

    Instinctively, Lin Yan assumed that it was Zhao Hongling. The moment she turned her head, she was shocked.

    A gigantic macaw had landed on her side-view mirror and was using its beak to knock against the window.

    “Return money! Return money!”

    Lin Yan was thoroughly mystified when she heard the voice.

    She was speechless…

    A macaw was pressing her to return money in broad daylight?

    But she didn’t owe anyone! Besides, this was a bird…


    Inside a car parked about 30 meters away…

    A good-looking guy was sitting, looking arrogant and aloof. He was wearing a set of casual clothes and holding some sort of detector as it beeped softly in his hands. The man’s gaze trailed to the ancient car ahead.
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