782 Odd Creditor

    Chapter 782: Odd Creditor

    The man glanced at the detector in his hand and smiled wryly. “So ordinary… But why do I seem to hate her so much?”

    Lin Yan was about to open the car door to check out that macaw. Before she could do that, the macaw spread its wings and landed slowly on the man’s left shoulder.

    Lin Yan sat in the car and watched as the refined man walked toward her.

    Was the macaw his? Why would he bring a macaw out?

    The man’s eyes scanned Lin Yan blatantly.

    Lin Yan frowned in response, as the man’s gaze didn’t appear very friendly.

    Soon, the man curled his lips into a rather odd smile. He then gently tapped on the window.

    Without hesitation, Lin Yan rolled down the window.


    The man flashed a tiny smile at Lin Yan as he studied her.

    “What is the matter?” asked Lin Yan.

    “My friend has disturbed you. Please forgive me.” The man continued to smile.


    Lin Yan’s gaze fell on the macaw again. Was he referring to the macaw as his friend?

    “Return money! Return money! If you don’t, I will break your legs!” The macaw eyed Lin Yan steadily.

    “Did you train it only to say this?” The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched.

    The man grinned mysteriously. “There are more interesting ones. Do you want to hear them?”

    No, thank you, she thought to herself.

    Lin Yan, who couldn’t be bothered to waste time on him, decided to roll down the window.

    However, the man placed his fingers gently on the car window, stopping Lin Yan from closing it.

    “Is there anything else?” Lin Yan asked dully.

    “Yeah.” As the man peered at Lin Yan, his smile had vanished. Frigid coldness now filled his eyes. “You look like someone.”

    “You have the wrong person,” replied Lin Yan.

    Was this man one of her haters?

    Most of her haters had chosen to support her now…

    If he was one of the haters who felt intense loathing for her, then she should run away now.

    Lin Yan had met a few before and she knew that she should wave a white flag against them.

    “Indeed.” A smile crept onto the man’s lips once more. “Your level is low… But I hate the aura you have…”

    When the man’s words dissolved, Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows.

    This man was so odd. He didn’t seem like an ordinary man.

    Lin Yan frowned at him. “Who are you looking for? Does that person owe you money?”

    The man answered, “Yeah. 100 million yuan.”

    Lin Yan spluttered and coughed. “What… What did you say?”

    100 million yuan…

    “Of course.” His eyes met Lin Yan’s as he added, “It’s a pity that your level is way too low. You’re not her.”

    “What a joke! Of course I’m not her! If you are looking for the person who owes you this money, I’m definitely not her! I don’t have so much money! Thank you.” Lin Yan straightened her back as she spoke firmly.

    “It’s fine. I got the wrong person. Goodbye.”

    The man took a step back and bade Lin Yan goodbye.

    By the time she snapped back to her senses, the man had already left with the macaw.

    Lin Yan was dumbfounded. Had she just met a lunatic?
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