783 She Cant Be That Person

    Somewhere on the outskirts of the capital city

    The man sat cross-legged on the floor with the macaw perched on his shoulder.

    Around the mysterious man was a flock of birds.

    Seek out the Hunters Guild.

    The man hissed softly.

    The flock of birds flew away instantly as the mans words echoed.

    Some time later, the man straightened his back and stood up. He then glanced at the macaw on his shoulder. Why would I hate that girl so much?

    Return money! Jerk! Return money! Jerk! The macaw screeched in response.

    She isnt her A detector like that wouldnt be able to detect a person who possessed a high level like her Of course, I dont care if she is missing or dead If she is alive, I want to see her. If she is dead, I want to see her corpse. Lets get the Hunters Guild to help us. The man scoffed dangerously.

    Return money! Jerk! Return money! Jerk!

    The corners of the mans mouth twitched. That girl is most likely a rejected product of the lab. She cant be that person.

    His eyes wandered away, filled with hardness and brutality. I will find you someday Thanks to you, Ive become pitiful

    Lin Yan had just finished a game when she saw Zhao Hongling walking toward her.

    Lin Yan opened the door and got out of the car.

    Sister Yan! We were stuck in traffic! Duoduo said as she stood beside Zhao Hongling.

    Its fine. We still have time. Lin Yan grinned back.

    Lets go to the filming set now, replied Zhao Hongling.

    Lin Yan nodded promptly. Sister Ling, do you want to drive instead? I want to play one more round so that I can get to the next level!

    As Lin Yan spoke, Zhao Honglings face stiffened.

    Lin Yan noticed her expression and burst out. What happened?

    Do you think I can drive? Zhao Hongling asked Lin Yan.

    Why cant you? Lin Yan was puzzled.

    Where is my driving license? Zhao Hongling shot back.

    Zhao Honglings question stumped Lin Yan. How would she know?

    Sister Ling, where is your driving license? Lin Yan asked unconsciously.

    Wasnt my license suspended because of you? Zhao Hongling answered blandly.

    Lin Yan was speechless

    She suddenly remembered that she had raced past traffic lights in Zhao Honglings new car. Zhao Hongling had ended up getting demerit points and her license had been suspended

    Duoduo eyed Lin Yan with a quiet sigh. Why did she have to mention that?

    Feeling awkward, Lin Yan opened the car door with a bright smile. Sister Ling, please get in! Ill be your chauffeur!

    It was noon by the time they reached their destination.

    The three of them had stopped somewhere for lunch.

    The filming set wasnt far from the production crew. Therefore, they had sufficient time.

    In the makeup room

    Zhao Hongling had hired a makeup artist and decided not to use the one the production crew had provided. After all, they could afford one.

    When Lin Yans makeup was done, Zhao Hongling studied the list of names and the script.

    Wei Xufeng is portraying Lang Mang Han Yixuan is portraying the captain of the PO team Zhao Hongling muttered under her breath.

    Sister, I remember that Master Lang Mang is from Country R. Do you think Wei Xufeng is suitable? asked Duoduo curiously.
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