784 Yevas Uniform

    Chapter 784: Yeva’s Uniform

    Zhao Hongling replied, “Lang Mang and Wei Xufeng are both Asians, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, I think that Wei Xufeng’s looks are suitable… But we aren’t the production crew, so the decision is theirs.”

    “Yeva has many good apprentices all around the world, not just Lang Mang. Lin Yan’s scenes are concentrated at the end of the movie, and the filming for the first and middle parts of the movie has been completed. In that case, she won’t be meeting other actors and there certainly won’t be any interactions. Lin Yan will just focus on her final scenes,” Zhao Hongling explained.

    “Sister, can I take a look at the script again?” asked Duoduo.

    Zhao Hongling passed Duoduo the script.

    “Lin Yan, have you memorized your lines?” Zhao Hongling glanced at her.

    “Yeah, almost,” Lin Yan replied.

    “Good,” Zhao Hongling answered.

    Actually, Lin Yan had merely browsed through the script and the scenes. After all, she would be portraying herself. If she prepared herself to be Yeva once more, it would beat any script hands-down.

    “Hi, Miss Lin Yan.”

    The director knocked to seek permission before entering.

    “Hello, Director Gao.” Lin Yan was wearing a silver uniform with Yeva’s name printed on the back. The front of the uniform was printed with the name and logo of Yeva’s team, WZ.

    “Miss Lin, you really pull off this uniform perfectly!” The director eyed Lin Yan and gasped.

    Lin Yan smiled and bowed slightly before the director.

    “Oh, god. Miss Lin Yan!” The smile on the director’s face froze as he scrutinized Lin Yan’s uniform.

    “This is impossible!” The director exclaimed in shock.

    Wasn’t the uniform that Lin Yan was wearing right now the same one Yeva had worn during her competitions?

    Yeva’s autograph was on the back of the uniform. There was also the name of the WZ team, along with the number 18.

    Furthermore, this uniform was filled with the logos of major international sponsors!

    Current international luxury brands weren’t worthy of being printed on this uniform.

    “Does this uniform belong to Yeva?” The director watched Lin Yan with awe and puzzlement.

    Before Lin Yan could speak, the director interjected. “But that’s impossible. We have tried to purchase it from WZ, but no one showed up. For the best effect, we were willing to pay any amount of money to get the uniform. However, we didn’t manage to meet any of the WZ members. Miss Lin Yan, is this… an imitation?”

    She contemplated it for some time. “Yeah, Director. It’s an imitation.”

    Lin Yan was crying inside.

    This was the real deal! She would sell it if he wanted to buy it.

    “Miss Lin Yan, you’re too resourceful. Anyone would think that this uniform is authentic!” The director gave Lin Yan a thumbs-up.

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    When she’d left WZ years ago, she had taken her uniform with her as a memento.

    It had never occurred to Lin Yan that she would be putting on this uniform once again.

    As she studied her appearance in the mirror, she recalled the competitions she had entered and the lightning-speed moments on the racing track…

    “Alright, Miss Lin Yan. Please get ready. We are setting off soon.”

    The director turned around and left.

    Before Lin Yan could sit down, Wei Xufeng had suddenly appeared in his team uniform.
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