785 Definitely Authentic

    Chapter 785: Definitely Authentic

    Other than Wei Xufeng, Qi Shaoyuan was there too.

    “I’ll go out with Duoduo.”

    Zhao Hongling and Duoduo left.

    After they did, Wei Xufeng and Qi Shaoyuan entered the room.

    Disbelief and shock overwhelmed Wei Xufeng the moment he saw Lin Yan in the team uniform.

    “Lin Yan… Your uniform…” Wei Xufeng’s eyes were roving over Lin Yan’s uniform.

    Wei Xufeng was too familiar with that uniform. He had once caught a glimpse of his goddess in the team uniform.

    But why would that exclusive uniform end up on Lin Yan?

    Wei Xufeng had tried to buy the imitation online, but the quality was inferior compared to this.

    “It’s an imitation.”

    Lin Yan glanced at Wei Xufeng and answered promptly.

    Qi Shaoyuan could not believe it upon hearing Lin Yan’s words. “Miss Lin… Are you certain it’s an imitation?”

    In Qi Shaoyuan’s opinion, Lin Yan was definitely wearing the real uniform.

    “Where did you get that?” Wei Xufeng asked Lin Yan eagerly.

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    How should she answer?

    “I can’t remember where I got it online.” Lin Yan came up with a random excuse.

    “Lin Yan, can you give me this uniform?” Wei Xufeng asked.

    Of course not!

    Unless he was willing to pay like the director!

    “Dream on!” Qi Shaoyuan blurted out suddenly.

    Although Lin Yan had claimed that the uniform was fake, Qi Shaoyuan knew too much to believe that. If that was an imitation, he would present his head on a platter!

    Puzzled, Wei Xufeng turned to glance at Qi Shaoyuan.

    Qi Shaoyuan let out an awkward chuckle. “I mean… I like this uniform too. Why doesn’t she give it to me instead?”

    “I need it for my scenes,” Lin Yan replied helplessly.

    She stopped both of them from talking and quickly asked Qi Shaoyuan, “Why are you here?”

    Qi Shaoyuan smiled after comprehending the question. “I’m here to visit and to act as a temporary assistant for Wei Xufeng. Most importantly, I wanted to watch the filming process!”

    His boss would be acting that day. How could he not badger Wei Xufeng for a chance to sneak in with him?

    “Lin Yan, have you memorized your script? Do you need to rehearse with me?” Wei Xufeng asked.

    This was the first time Wei Xufeng had met Lin Yan after seeing her at the competition.

    Unconsciously, his dislike for Lin Yan had lessened significantly.

    In the past, Wei Xufeng had assumed that Lin Yan had tried racing because she wanted to get close to him.

    However, after the national competition, he’d realized how ridiculous he had been.

    Lin Yan was a brilliant professional racer. There was no way she would learn how to race just because of him.

    Lin Yan’s performance had surprised Wei Xufeng so much that he thought that he had been in a dream.

    She had propelled the He family team to the finals and clinched victory. It had turned from one of the lousiest teams to one of the best. Even the Lightning team had been defeated by her.

    This was enough to prove that Lin Yan was a gifted racer and could easily be one of the best racers in the country. No other racer would be able to achieve so much.

    After the shocking turn of events at the charity event, he’d realized how prejudiced he had been all along…
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