786 Thats Your Racing Car

    Chapter 786: That’s Your Racing Car

    Precisely because of those reasons, Wei Xufeng felt rather uneasy when he saw Lin Yan once again. He had never once thought that he had been overly imaginative when it came to Lin Yan…

    Wei Xufeng had to admit that Lin Yan was the most suitable actress to portray Yeva. She was certainly more suitable than Lin Shuya.

    “Rehearse?” Lin Yan regarded Wei Xufeng for a long time. She shook her head and replied, “I don’t think there is a need. I’m familiar with the script. Besides, it isn’t very suitable for us to rehearse here.”

    Wei Xufeng merely nodded. “Alright then. I’m looking forward to your performance.”

    Upon saying that, he turned to depart with an unwilling Qi Shaoyuan.

    Lin Yan and the production crew traveled to the filming venue shortly afterward.

    The main scene of the day featured Lin Yan and Wei Xufeng.

    The scene was relatively simple. During the span of Lang Mang’s professional career, he had met an invincible opponent. Han Yixuan, who was portraying the captain of the PO team, had competed twice against Lang Mang. Lang Mang had lost both times. Finally, the third time, he had defeated his opponent.

    Wei Xufeng and Han Yixuan had completed their scenes several days ago. The last scene of the day was an important one for Yeva.

    This scene was filled with pent-up emotions, and both the production crew and Wei Xufeng were serious and cautious.

    The scene would be a rally race, and the venue was on the outskirts of the city.

    Lin Yan spotted the silver car parked near a hillside ahead.

    When Lin Yan saw the silver car, her eyes flickered. Even Wei Xufeng was surprised.

    “Director, that car…” Lin Yan strode over to the director as she spoke.

    “That is your racing car.” The director beamed at Lin Yan.

    “Can I take a look?” asked Lin Yan.

    “Of course!” The director nodded as he replied.

    With the director’s permission, Lin Yan marched eagerly to the hill.

    As she carefully studied the silver car, her heart pounded wildly against her chest.

    She was right… This was the first car she had used when she had joined WZ.

    Lin Yan had almost forgotten how many days she had spent in this car, how many competitions she had raced in, and how many opponents she had met in it…

    This was her favorite car, as it held many fond memories.

    Lin Yan opened the car door and got in.

    A sense of familiarity swept across her. It seemed as though nothing had changed.

    Lin Yan used her left hand to touch the steering wheel, while her right hand brushed across the interior.

    At that moment, she seemed to get transported back to the most important and unforgettable competition of her life. It had been her first major defeat… She could never forget it… That defeat had mercilessly dragged her down from her throne… before everything had turned to ashes.

    Because of that competition, she could no longer compete using this car.

    Flashbacks flashed past her mind.

    Lin Yan had never dreamed that she would sit in this car in a place like this in this lifetime.

    The car seemed to be in good condition. Although it couldn’t continue having a professional career with a racer, it was still functioning normally.

    “This is indeed Boss’ warhorse…”

    The director and Wei Xufeng had stopped beside her. Wei Xufeng’s eyes were filled with awe and shock.

    He narrowed his eyes as he gazed at Lin Yan in her silver uniform. The sight of her invoked a certain sort of nostalgia in him.
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