787 May The Best Man Win

    Chapter 787: May The Best Man Win

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    If she were to put on a helmet, she would be an exact replica…

    He had to admit that the production crew had chosen the perfect actress.

    Lin Yan opened the door and exited the car.

    “Director… This is Yeva’s car, right?” Lin Yan peered at the director.

    The director grinned brightly. “Certainly! How could it be fake?”

    “Director, how did you get this car?” Wei Xufeng was curious.

    “That’s thanks to Master Lang Mang’s help. Initially, this car was meant to be scrapped. We had to beg Master Lang Mang to help us locate it. We also had to try our best to restore it. However, this was Madam Yeva’s first car when she was with the WZ team. It took us a really long time and plenty of effort to repair it to ensure that we wouldn’t let the audience down,” the director expounded with a smile although pain stabbed his heart.

    For the sake of getting his hands on this car, they had exceeded their budget.

    Even Lin Yan hadn’t expected the production crew of Legend to find and repair this ‘retired’ car of hers before bringing it there.

    Lin Yan could feel the sincerity of the production crew.

    “Director, can you give me this car after filming has ended?” Wei Xufeng asked the director earnestly.

    The director eyed him. “You want me to give this car to you?”

    Wei Xufeng shook his head violently. “No, no. I meant that I want to buy it from you. Just name your price.”

    “If you are able to, can you sell it to me instead?” Lin Yan asked the director suddenly.

    Wei Xufeng whirled around to face Lin Yan with a frown. Was she trying to snatch it from him?

    “Lin Yan, what do you mean?”

    Wei Xufeng was annoyed by Lin Yan’s request.

    Lin Yan replied calmly, “I really like this car. I want to buy it regardless of how much it costs.”

    “You…” Wei Xufeng was dumbfounded.

    “In that case, may the best man win,” Wei Xufeng replied with a stoic expression.

    Qi Shaoyuan wanted to make an offer for the car too. However, he gave up instantly when his beloved boss said he wanted the car.

    He could have fought with anyone, but not with Boss. He wasn’t a fool.

    Speaking of fools, Qi Shaoyuan silently appraised Wei Xufeng, who was the biggest moron on earth.

    If Wei Xufeng had known that he had tried to snatch the car from Boss…

    “Do you want to bid?” Wei Xufeng turned around and asked Qi Shaoyuan.

    Qi Shaoyuan waved his hands wildly. “No, no! I don’t want to… I’ve never wanted this car.”

    “You don’t want it?”

    Suspicion and doubt glinted in Wei Xufeng’s eyes. That fellow had spent a fortune trying to get his hands on Boss’ stuff, which included going through all sorts of channels just to buy Boss’ autographed shirt after paying a massive sum of money. This was Boss’ first car, yet Qi Shaoyuan didn’t want it?

    If Wei Xufeng hadn’t heard this personally from Qi Shaoyuan, he would never have believed it.

    “Did my ears fail me, or did you just say that you don’t want it?” Wei Xufeng repeated.

    “Yeah, you’re right. I don’t want it. Don’t worry, I won’t fight with any of you,” Qi Shaoyuan replied hastily.

    Qi Shaoyuan’s heart was bleeding. How could he not want it? He just didn’t dare take it!

    Boss had already proclaimed that she would do anything to get this car. He would be a fool to fight with her!

    Even though it felt as though someone had cut a piece of his flesh, he could not harbor any desire now.

    “Are you sure you won’t regret it?” Wei Xufeng was still apprehensive.
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