789 Woof, Woof, Woof

    Chapter 789: Woof, Woof, Woof

    Wei Xufeng and Qi Shaoyuan were both confused by Lin Yan. A moment ago, she had sworn to get her hands on the car. In the blink of an eye, she had changed her tune. After such a fuss, they realized that she was really stingy.

    Lin Yan wasn’t like Wei Xufeng and Qi Shaoyuan, who didn’t have to fret about money. She had many debts and burdens.

    Her precious darlings, Prosperous New Year, Thousand Bags Of Cash, Pounds, Euros, and the rest were all waiting for her to feed them. How could she have extra money to spare?

    “Are you sure that you don’t want it?”

    Wei Xufeng sounded uncertain.

    “Don’t worry,” Lin Yan replied firmly.

    She wanted it, but her purse had stopped her from buying it.

    “Director, this car is mine then.”

    After Lin Yan reassured him, Wei Xufeng spoke to the director and let out a long breath.

    Wei Xufeng’s mind was set on buying the car. Even if he had to vie with Lin Yan, all he had to do was fork out more money. It was wise of Lin Yan to give up, as this would save him money.

    “Hold on!”

    Wei Xufeng had just spoken when Qi Shaoyuan shrieked in alarm.

    Wei Xufeng jerked in response and studied Qi Shaoyuan in confusion.

    “Since Miss Lin Yan doesn’t want it… I want it! Let’s bid!” said Qi Shaoyuan as he rubbed his palms.

    Qi Shaoyuan had retreated because he’d thought that Lin Yan would want it.

    However, Lin Yan didn’t want it anymore, so Qi Shaoyuan had no reason to hold back.

    This was Boss’ car! He wanted the car badly!

    “Are you joking?” Wei Xufeng frowned.

    He had already reminded and asked Qi Shaoyuan umpteen times. Qi Shaoyuan had declared that he didn’t want it.

    “Do I look like I’m joking?” Qi Shaoyuan looked quiet and serious.

    Wei Xufeng cut across arrogantly. “Do you remember what you said just now? If you want to vie for the car, then you are a dog.”

    Qi Shaoyuan’s eyes bore a hole right through Wei Xufeng. Three seconds later, he answered, “Woof! Woof… Woof, woof! Woof, woof… Woof, woof, woof…”

    Wei Xufeng was speechless…

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    Her eyes darted to Qi Shaoyuan as she studied him with incredulity. Had she detected a rhythm in his barking?

    In the end, Lin Yan’s silver car went to Wei Xufeng. Qi Shaoyuan was chased away by Wei Xufeng before he could even offer a price.

    After all, he had to stick to the rules. That fellow had been eliminated right away before the bidding and had no right to vie with him.

    After Wei Xufeng reached an agreement with the director, he was in high spirits. Qi Shaoyuan sneered silently to himself while he eyed Wei Xufeng.

    “Oh, right… I have something I want to say.”

    Wei Xufeng turned to Lin Yan.

    “What is it?” asked Lin Yan.

    Wei Xufeng looked hesitant, as though he was at a loss for words.

    Lin Yan waited quietly for some time, but Wei Xufeng didn’t utter a word.

    “Lin Yan… I’m sorry.”

    Wei Xufeng finally muttered just as Lin Yan was starting to lose her patience.

    The expression on Lin Yan’s face froze because Wei Xufeng’s apology had caught her by surprise.

    How could Wei Xufeng apologize to anyone?

    And what kind of apology was that?
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