790 Act Like I Never Asked

    Chapter 790: Act Like I Never Asked

    “Why are you apologizing out of the blue?” Lin Yan was confused.

    “I owe you an apology. Today, the two of us are here.” Wei Xufeng was stoic and grave as he added, “I had misunderstood some things about you in the past…”

    Blood rushed to Wei Xufeng’s cheeks at the thought of those incidents.

    He had always assumed that Lin Yan had ulterior motives and had been trying to get near him. He had finally discovered that he had been completely wrong at the competition.

    He had lectured Lin Yan on several occasions and warned her not to get near him.

    Now that the truth had come to light, Wei Xufeng really wanted to dig a hole and bury himself. How ashamed and embarrassed he felt!

    As for Lin Yan, she acted as though nothing had happened. It seemed as though she hadn’t taken the past incidents to heart.

    “Lin Yan, all those misunderstandings were caused by racing…” Wei Xufeng continued speaking as he gnashed his teeth.

    He had never apologized to anyone in his life, especially to a woman.


    Understanding dawned on Lin Yan suddenly. So that was why Wei Xufeng had been looking awkward the entire day.

    She would have forgotten everything if he hadn’t mentioned it.

    “That’s all?” Lin Yan asked.

    “Yeah, that is all,” quipped Wei Xufeng with a brief nod.

    Lin Yan replied, “It’s fine. I forgive you.”

    Wei Xufeng was speechless… Why did he feel so unsatisfied with her forgiveness?

    This woman didn’t give a damn about him at all?

    “I have something else to ask you.” Wei Xufeng fell silent for some time before he spoke.

    “What’s the matter?” asked Lin Yan.

    “Lin Yan, did Yeva personally select you for this role?” Wei Xufeng asked.

    Lin Yan coughed softly. “Yes.”

    Wei Xufeng was really curious. How could Boss be acquainted with Lin Yan?

    Even though Lin Yan was a gifted, outstanding racer and was indeed better than most of the top racers in the country, her level and skills still paled in comparison to Boss. Why would they be acquainted?

    Wei Xufeng had to get to the bottom of it.

    “Lin Yan, do you know Yeva?”

    Wei Xufeng questioned Lin Yan sharply.

    Lin Yan shook her head. “I don’t know her.”

    “In that case, why would Boss choose you for this role?” Wei Xufeng couldn’t understand.

    “Perhaps Madam Yeva watched my previous shows and was impressed by me. Or she could be a fan of mine, which is why she wanted me to portray her,” Lin Yan replied smoothly.

    After Wei Xufeng heard Lin Yan, he stared at her for 10 seconds. “Act like I never asked you anything,” he replied glumly.

    I would be a fool to believe you!


    Lin Yan sat in the silver car as she waited.

    Wei Xufeng was still talking to the director about the scene.

    Lin Yan’s memories came floating back the moment she sat inside the car. She recalled how she had joined WZ…

    At the time, the international competition and the venue had just been confirmed.

    As she thought, she realized the international competition that year should be…
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