791 The Commencement of the International Competition

    Chapter 791: The Commencement of the International Competition

    Lin Yan’s expression stiffened a little.

    In this country?

    After Lin Yan came back, she thought that she would never race again. That was why she had never paid attention to anything related to it.

    Lin Yan was no longer interested in the international competition or where it would be held.

    What had surprised Lin Yan was that the international competition would be held in this country this year.

    She had assumed that after retiring from the industry, she would have nothing to do with it in this lifetime. That was one of the reasons Lin Yan had hidden her identity.

    Now, it seemed as though her way of thinking had been too naive.

    From the moment she had stepped on this path, racing had become part of her life. Even though she had been banned from competing, which had eventually led to her retirement, everything seemed easy in theory.

    Lin Yan had assumed that the international competition would be held in Europe. Who would have expected it to be held here?

    In that case, her identity was in danger of being exposed.

    The whole world would know that she was Yeva, and all hopes of being an actress or leading a peaceful life would be impossible.

    Lin Yan sighed heavily to herself. Her current life might have to end soon.

    National racers wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to international racers. They might not come in last, but as the racers of the host country, it would reflect badly on them if they were defeated…

    Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the country’s national racing federation…

    The international competition would be starting soon, so the top management had an urgent meeting.

    Everyone was seething in anger.

    One of the white-haired men bellowed, “They are bullies! Do they really think that we don’t have experts?”

    A middle-aged man said coldly, “I’ve just talked to a couple of representatives from different countries regarding some details. They sounded as though they were trying to challenge us and they certainly implied that our teams are useless.”

    “Get the oldest teams in the country here. No matter what, they have to compete this time. We are going to be the host country who will be organizing the international competition! How can we allow the overseas teams to be so cocky in our territory?”

    “We have contacted a few of the prestigious teams but they’ve ignored us. In the past few years, they have no longer been under our control, and we have no means of commanding them.” A man in a gray suit spoke gravely.


    “Are we going to allow them to challenge us without fighting back? Who do they think we are? Plus, we are the organizers! If we are defeated badly, how will we answer the fans?”

    “Old Li, why don’t you try to organize a new team? We can try to get young talented racers from promising teams or the best racers from top teams.”

    “I guess that’s the only thing we can do…”

    Another old man flipped the page of a document and said, “There is a female racer who seems to have performed well at the competition this year. She has garnered attention from the local teams. Although she might not be on par with the overseas racers, we can find more promising talented people like her to form a team.”
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