792 Not Qualified To Be a Substitute

    Chapter 792: Not Qualified To Be a Substitute

    The national racing federation was the country’s official organization that managed all the racing teams. It was also responsible for setting the rules and regulations to uphold a system for the racing industry.

    Every country had an official racing organization, and Lin Yan had been banned by one of them.

    All the national racing federations in the various countries were tightly connected. One of the reasons was because the racing federations had to come together to organize the international competition.

    Chinese racers had always been average and had maintained their level all these years. They couldn’t quite get to the top, neither did they deteriorate.

    Because they would be the hosts this year, the national racing federation had placed importance and emphasis on the international competition. Careful and detailed planning had been ongoing, and they were in close and constant contact with the participating federations all over the world.

    However, several of the overseas federations disapproved of the Chinese racers. During the meetings, the Chinese racing federation was outraged by their contempt.

    Furthermore, this was their territory. How could they condone such condescending behavior from the overseas racers and federations?

    “I heard that some of the overseas teams have arrived. they have been stirring trouble by challenging some of our top teams. Several teams have lost to them. This is blatant disrespect!”

    “Can you guess what one of the representatives of a racing federation said to me? We should thank our lucky stars that the international competition will be held here. Otherwise, none of our teams would be able to qualify!”

    Many of the members of the top management roared as they slammed the table.

    In the last decade, Chinese racers had indeed possessed only mediocre skills. The third level of the international competition was the highest competition they could qualify for.

    In the past few years, visible improvement had been witnessed by the top teams in the country. Several talented racers had appeared and, given time, they would be able to qualify for the second level of the international competition. With some luck, they might be able to enter the first level.

    They were well aware of the local racers’ abilities and only hoped that they could break out of the current situation to get to the first level.

    However, someone had claimed that if they weren’t the host country, their teams wouldn’t even qualify for the third level. What kind of nonsense was that?

    “This year, we will get to the first level no matter what it takes!” The man in the gray suit yelled in determination.

    “It’s still too early for that.” A middle-aged man sighed as he remarked, “Given our current level and skills, we will definitely do well in the second level of the international competition. However, the first level would be a real challenge. The problem also lies in the old teams that are out of our control. I wonder why they are refusing to participate.”

    “I think the best we can do is consolidate the best racers from each team to form a new one. That way, we will stand a chance.”

    “I do remember that female racer. She seems to be an actress, but her image isn’t good… Oh yeah, she is just the member of a team. I doubt that she is qualified to be a substitute.”

    “She is not bad. We should get as many substitutes as we can as well. Find out more about her and contact her directly. Get someone to liaise with her right now.”
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