793 Explaining More About the Scene

    Chapter 793: Explaining More About the Scene

    At the filming venue…

    Wei Xufeng’s car dashed past the finish line.

    After some time, Wei Xufeng, who was clad in a uniform, got out of the car.

    Several professional racers from various countries scrambled over to him in excitement and delight.

    Wei Xufeng was being thrown around amid cheers.

    He had an obvious gleeful smile on his face.

    “Hold on!”

    The director shouted and interrupted Wei Xufeng.

    “Director, what’s the problem?”

    Wei Xufeng glanced at the director with doubt in his eyes.

    He felt that he had tried his best to portray Lang Mang to the best of his ability. He was confident that he could finish this scene with just one take, but the director had cut him off.

    “Of course there is a problem, Wei Xufeng!” The director waved his hand and shouted for Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan had also known that there was something wrong with Wei Xufeng’s expression even before the director had cut him off.

    Wei Xufeng was portraying Lang Mang.

    The main problem was Wei Xufeng’s expression.

    “Wei Xufeng, look at her!” The director pointed at Lin Yan.

    “You want me to look at Lin Yan?” Why would the director want him to look at Lin Yan? Wei Xufeng didn’t understand.

    “No, no, no!” The director shook his head in agitation. “Wrong! Everything is wrong! Who are you?”

    “Me?” Wei Xufeng frowned at him. “I am… Lang Mang…” he answered hastily.

    The director reeled off, “So, who is she? She is your coach, Yeva! Why do you want to defeat your rival? Or rather, why do you want to crush a rival like her? Is it merely to clinch victory? I don’t think so!”

    Lin Yan glanced at the director.

    The director was right, but he didn’t manage to elaborate. Wei Xufeng was puzzled, as the director didn’t manage to convey everything he had on his mind.

    “Actually, it’s easy to understand what the director wants.” Lin Yan removed her helmet and raised her voice to get Wei Xufeng’s attention. He was still looking bewildered.

    “Director, can I explain to Wei Xufeng?” Lin Yan’s gaze fell on the director, who turned to her with a hint of doubt in his eyes.

    Even an actor like Wei Xufeng couldn’t produce the emotions and expressions that he wanted. How could Lin Yan do it?

    Given Wei Xufeng’s experience, his acting and comprehensive skills should be far better.

    The director’s greatest wish was that Lin Yan would portray Yeva well. He hadn’t dared hope that she would completely bring out what he had in mind. However, she at least needed to resemble Yeva in some ways…

    “Lin Yan, tell me. I’m confused,” Wei Xufeng blurted out.

    Lin Yan nodded and explained, “Actually, in this scene, Lang Mang has met his arch enemy. This enemy has existed right from the beginning. Despite Yeva’s guidance, Lang Mang still didn’t manage to defeat his enemy.

    “Lang Mang also tried to challenge his coach, Yeva, but she rejected him. She didn’t even consider his feelings at all.

    “After being rejected by his coach, Lang Mang questioned her. He asked her when he would be qualified to compete with her.”
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